My top 5 skincare products.

Number5 – Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam Cleanser:

I find this to be one of the best foam cleansers for combination/oily skin, as it literally cleanses all traces of oil & sebum. It leaves your skin feeling matte, but not dry & pores appear to reduce in size.

The standard 120ml container provides plenty of product; especially as only a ‘pea-sized’ amount it needed each time you cleanse. When in contact with water the foam expands to more than 3x the amount you start of with; making the cleaner unique compared to other foam cleaners.

It is reasonally priced even if you have to pay an additional few pounds in shipping fees.

Number 4 – Neutogena Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Balm:

This is a non-greasy fast absorbing face & body balm moisturiser that is aimed at dry/very dry skin skin. It doesn’t say if its suitable for sensitive skin, but its fragrance free. It has a slight tacky texture which helps makeup adhere to the skin without slipping.

It is affordable at a cheap price of approximately £4.99 for a 300ml tub!

Number 3 – Innisfree Rice sheet face mask:

In my opinion most sheet masks all do the same thing, even if they claim to have different benefits based on the ingredients. Although, the rice version of the Innisfree sheet mask seems to provide more than plenty of moisture & smooth skin. It also brightens, tightens & even outs skin tone if used a few times per week.

If you live in Korea, you can buy each sheet for only 1000₩. Bargain!

Number 2 – Konjac sponges:

These sponges are infused with natural konjac root, sometimes along with other natural extracts. You can use konjac sponges to daily exfoliate & wash away oils from your face & body. Konjac root can naturally stimulate & aid the extraction of blackheads.

They can be used with water alone or with face & body washes. My favourite type of konjac sponges are the ones additionally containing green tea; which is a great ingredient for sensitive & ache prone skintypes.

They are very cheap & have a shelf-life of 1-3 months, depending on how often they are used. Just remember to keep a konjac sponge in a ventilated space between uses to prevent bacteria & mould growth.

Number 1 – Nature Republic 92% Aloe vera gel:
This is an amazing multipurpose product!
-It soothes the redness & irriatation of sensitive skin;
-acts as a makeup primer as it reduces pore size;
-barriers skin from further irriations prehaps inflicted by the environment;
-gives plenty of hydration to your face & body whilst maintaining a lightweight feel;
-can be used as a hair styling product, particularly good for dry or split ends.

The tub lasts a long time, even if used daily. What more could you want in a product?

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