Common ways we can damage our skin.

We all think we’re treating our skin as we layer on the moisturisers & cleanse away the dirt and makeup, but sometimes we don’t consider how these processes can also damage our skin.

So what should we all be doing to prevent damaging our skin?

Exfoliate as least frequently as possible.

We all want smooth skin without unplesant looking blackheads or flaky dry skin, so of course we should use scrubs or chemical exfoliants. Just try not to use them daily, especially if they are coarse. Preferably you should exfoliate only 2-3 times per week.

Do not rub your face with a towel!

If we are in a hurry to complete our skincare rountines or finish showering, we tend to quickly rub our skin with a towel to dry ourselves. Infact, we should be patting ourselves dry with a towel. It can take a little too much time out of our daily routines, but it will prevent the signs of premature skin aging.

Wear suncream everyday.

Now this will sound like an extreme skincare precaution to someone who has been raised in the western world; initially I though so to. However, in South-East Asia, people wear SPF everyday; even in the Winter to prevent sunrays from damaging their skin. Which makes sense. Just because the sun might not be intensely beaming down on us all year round, that doesn’t mean that the sun during the daytime is not having a negative impact on our skin. 

Wash your face with cold, not hot water.

Of course the feeling of cold water on our faces and bodies is not a plesant feeling to most people; especially in the morning when you wish you were still cosy & comfortable in you bed. Although, hot water once again is another factor which can damage our skin. Hot temperatures increase pore size, leaving your skin vunerably exposed to bacteria or other environmental elements. If you genuinely cannot tolerate cleansing your skin with cold water for longer than a few minutes, go ahead & use warm or hot water for the majority of your routine, but finish your routine with cold water to ‘close off’ your pores. I.e. reducing your pore size. 

These tips have helped me. Hopefully they can help you too. Let’s spread the word! 


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