Read with coffee: Autumn talk.

As the dried burgandy leaves and chestnut coloured conkers begin to fall to the damp undergrowth, a crisp chilling breeze whirls around us. In the meantime, busy animals hurry to their burrows in preparation for hibernation. The Squirrels scurry over the bark of almost bare trees, cautiously protecting their precious bundles which they have foraged. The Fox famililes diligently explore their surroundings before proceeding to dither in-and-out of the bramble bushes in search of sources of survival; whereas the barn owls glide effortlessly through the saphire tinted sky, pleased with their late night catch. 

The comforting warmth of beloved foamy spiced lattes emerge once again. The aromas of apple, toasted pecans and hazelnuts, cinnamon, chocolate brownies and melted marshmallows linger in the homes and pâtisseries of many who chose to prepare baked goods. Carefully wrapped candy apples overcrowd the shelves of markets, their shiny transparent wrappers accompanied with ribbon fastenings entice the likes of anyone with a sweet tooth.

Soft, padded blankets and duvets are unrolled: draping over sofas and beds like waterfalls of cotton. Candles proudly retake place in their stratigically designated corners of cosy bedrooms and living rooms; gradually liquefying in the safe containment of finely handcrafted stained glass lanterns. Story books themed around the Autumntime adventures of tiny Woodland creatures are grasped from dusty bookshelves to newly reside on coffee tables or nightstands. Halloween enthusiasts anticipate dressing as their alter-egos, haulding neverending sweet varieties, ceasing the night by an enviable sugar rush. At the commence of this season, fluffy backless slippers and puffy oversized dressing-gowns are removed from storage; upon wearing such items the owner reminiscences of the past cold seasons when they sat hunched over many bowls of nourishing soups, bubbling stews and cup of hot cocoa or two.  

Regardless of the sniffles and the impulses to huddle against whoever or whatever deminishes the numbness of cold fingers, Autumn brings it novelties which we all secretly can’t wait for. 

2 thoughts on “Read with coffee: Autumn talk.

  1. This is beautifully written, it really captures all the best parts of autumn! I’m now sad I’m going to have to wait so long for Autumn again haha


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