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Of course anyone visiting London could simply Google something along the lines of ‘Top 10 places to visit in London’, but sometimes those search results lack reviews or have lengthy websites informing us about them. Here I have assembled a little guide of my favourite places in London which I deem to be worth a visit. Warning: most of these places are idealic for foodies. My bad. After each place I discuss, I have rated each out of ten according to my opinion.

The National Art Gallery, Trafalgar Square: It can take around 4-5 hours to completely view every piece of art, but every artist, art crititic and art lover is well aware that any national gallery across the world is a ‘must see’ experience. The gallery has such a vast collection and regualarly trades pieces of art with other major art galleries for limited periods of time. During one of the two times which I have visited the gallery, I was fortunate enough to see the Van Gogh exibition which presented Sunflowers, Chair, A Wheatfield, and Long grass with Butterflies. The museum’s exterior and interior arcitechture is visually pleasing with its high ceilings and dome structured windows. The entrance to the museum also homes a cafe which is enticeing with it’s powerful hot chocolate and butter pastry scents.
Rating: 9/10.

Covent Garden, Westminster: Covent Garden has many indoor and outdoor facilties,so its a little difficult to mention just one place in particular. The area consists of many shops selling everything from fancy cupcakes, warm cookies, Italian gelato, burgers, stationery, clothes, books and Moonmin merch. Everytime (-without fail, mainly due to the influence of my brother) I come to Covent Garden, I have lunch at ShakeShack; if your city doesn’t have a ShakeShack then seriously you have been deprived. I’m not much of a ‘meat eater’ and usually I stray away from beef, but something to do with the combination of their burgers with their own unique sauce and the cheesey fries, is an addition waiting to happen.

As a child I wish someone had taken me to somewhere like Kikki.K, the Swedish stationery shop which makes stationery haulders feel like thier collection is incomplete. If you want a cute planner with unecassary yet necassary stickers, they’ve got it. If you want a notepad with kittens on the coverpage,they’ve also got a matching pencil case and pen set. Continuing with the stationery theme, Covent Garden is host to the Korean store Artbox; which doesn’t sell art supplies as it’s name may suggest, but it sells Kawaii (-cringe) Japanese character stationery pieces, boxes for making your own Bento and Onigiri as well as small figurine sets. Honestly this Artbox store is even more Japanese orientated that the Artbox store which I have been to in Korea.
Ever had a macaron icecream sandwich? – A company called Yolkin sell these ever-increasingly popular treats. The business was once very small, and only those who discovered it by social media knew where to find it. Previously the icecreams were sold within a Vietmanese mini market which kindly allowed Yolkin’s owner to rent for a few hours each Saturday and Sunday. Now that the business has grown in popularity, you can wait in such long queues that you may not even get the chance to buy an icecream. If you can get to the current Yolkin selling station 4 hours before opening, then consider yourselves lucky.

Rating: 8/10.

Borough Market, near London Bridge: To experience the fusion of British traditonal foods sold alongside cusines from all corners of the world, then Borough Market is the place to be. Go from one end of the market which sells Italian hams and German sausages to opposite end of he market which sells thick brownies for as little as £2. Unfortunately, due to a terrorist attack this year, some of the market had to be rebuilt. Thankfully, a what is lovely, is that the market community hasn’t let the attack affect their happy sprits; thus continuing to flurish.
Rating: 8/10.

Chinatown, Westminster: To be able to eat authentic Chinese cuisine or to simply buy rice, noodles and vegetables typically used in Oriental food in bulk, visit china town. London’s Chinatown is situated amongst most other major tourist spots in Central London, so you can easily visit a Museum and still have enough time to wander around Chinatown. If you love Bubble Tea, the Chinatown’s CuppaCha provides innumberable variations of milk and juice type bubble tea. You can find more traditonal/original Bubble tea flavours which the Americian Bubble tea franchises lack. You can discover discounted Chinese and Japanese snacks at a small shop called Oriental Delight, and obtain those Korean ‘Fire Noodles’ that many on YouTube challeneged themseleves into eating from some of the Chinese supermarkets in Chinatown.

Rating: 7/10

The Science Museum, Kensington, South-West London: A nerd or not, you will enjoy this Museum. It has many different departments, but the most facinating in my opinion is the Space and technology through time sections. I remember as a child,that the play area was so much fun as no where else offered such things to play with. For example, exercise bikes that power electrical equiptment on the wall (-all safe, don’t worry) and a projecter which casts your shadows before a still image of your shadows is projected. It takes quite a long time to look around the entire museum, so it’s best to get there for when the museum first opens or just a little after midday.
Rating: 7/10.

Chin Chin Labs, Camden, North-west London: It’s a very small ice-cream palour tucked away just near Camden market. Within the last year or two, newspapers and social media have complimeted and recommended Chin Chin Labs to their audiences due to it’s unique flavour combinations as well as creative preparation techniques. Chin Chin Labs use liquid nitrogen to make their icecreams, therefore making the shop more alike a sceince lab. This Autumn the most popular item on their menu is hot chcolate topped with chocolate sauce and marshmallow that resembles a cloud.

Rating 7/10.

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