[Review]: Worth the hype?

Today I thought I’d discuss my experiences of using 3 products which were/are popular among social media and TV. Of course when something recieves a majority of great reviews or votes, we are more enclined to buy the items ourselves. Hopefully this post could save at least one person some money or teach us to think more carefully before we make purchase.

Hylamide low-molecular HA serum: This product claims to be a ‘hyper-strength rehydration serum with 5 forms of hyaluronic compound with varying molecular weights’. It is alcohol-free, silicone-free, nut-free, vegan and cruelty-free: with all these idealic qualities it makes the product seem very suitable for people who have dry/very dry sensitive skin. At the time of purchase it was Winter, and my oily facial skin became dry, itchy and flaky in certain areas. At first I hesitated several times about purchasing this product from my local Boots store, mainly due to it costing £18. After reading some reviews and more about the science behind the serum’s formula on the Hylamide website, I began to see the product as an investment rather than a pampering treat for myself.

Within the first week of using the serum I noticed that my skin was more smooth and youthful in a slight plumped way. However, frustratingly it didn’t solve much of my dry skin issue. The formula soaks into the skin so well that the dewyness effect deminished too quickly. Not many people like a stickyness feeling caused by their skincare products, but at least some remainance of the serum would have made the hydration last longer. Honestly, the serum’s benefits would only last a few hours meaning by midday at work I would suddenly have little flakes of skin in my eyebrows and around my nose.

Prehaps other products from the range live up to their expectations, though personally this didn’t work for me. It wasn’t completely useless, just I had to apply a regular thick cream moisturiser overlaying the serum.

Biorè Blemish fighting Ice cleanser: For a short period of time I had a few red blemishes that persisted after having some cystic acne along my jawline. I came across this cleanser by chance, as it was on special offer. At first the cleanser made my skin quite itchy, dry and tight as if too many of the natural oils of my skin were being striped away. Onwards to approximately a month of using the product my skin adjusted to it’s slight harshness and the blemishes faded slightly, but not drastically.
A few more weeks past and suddenly the blemishes weren’t fading any further. Instead my skin was left feeling tighter and irratated more than previous. I think if you choose to use this product, prehaps only use it once a day as opposed to using for both your morning and night skincare routines.

Silicone makeup applicators: I suppose a soft, smooth surfaced makeup applicator could seem like it would give foundation or bb cream the natural evenly spread texture that most of us want in order to obtain and maintain a ‘flawless’ look. Yet on the other hand, in reality, the applicator leaves your face as a streaky mess. Whether you use it with a patting or spreading motion, it doesn’t allow the makeup to blend out towards from the initial place where you began applying the makeup. You will end up pulling at you skin with the applicator as too much friction is caused. The only benefit to the product is that silicone doesn’t absorb liquid foundation, so nothing is wasted like when a sponge applicator is used. I think it will take several practices to use a silicone applicator effectively.

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