25 British traditions and traits.

‘So what traditions does the UK have?’ – The dreaded questions that foreigners have often asked me, which simply cannot be answer with anything interesting or unique. It’s quite disappointing for a UK admirer when you have to tell them the honest truth that most Brits don’t eat crumpets and scones everyday. I think many of the UK’s traditons have faded out, and its somewhat disheartening to not have something symbolic like traditional clothing or a day solely dedicated to celebrating Great Britain and Northen Ireland as a whole. Nevertheless, here is a list ‘jam packed’ with little traits that British people often do subconsciously:

  1. Eating a roast dinner almost every Sunday.
  2. Watching a pantomime performance around Christmas time. 
  3. Talking to your next-door-neighbour over/through the Garden fence.
  4. Making a cup of tea to feel better even in the worst of situations.
  5. Watching the Queen’s speech on Christmas day.
  6. Having a Boxing day dinner using leftover meats from the Christmas dinner the day before, and adding gherkins and other pickles.
  7. Exchanging cards for almost all of the occassions, even with people who you don’t know that well.
  8. Having sausage rolls at every party, buffet or wake. 
  9. Eating fish and chips on Friday evenings.
  10. Celebrating Rememberance day.
  11. Eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.
  12. Dunking biscuits in tea, especially digestives. 
  13. Carrying a umbrella in your bag almost all year round. 
  14. Using a paper copy of the TV guide.
  15. Talking about the weather (even if its the same on most days).
  16. Saying sorry when someone else accidently walks into you. 
  17. Releasing fireworks on the 5th of November (Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night).
  18. Supporting a football team even if you hate football.
  19. Having summer fairs to raise money for charities or local communities. 
  20. Eating hot cross buns at Easter/Springtime time.
  21. Celebrating St George’s Day (basically going to a pub). 
  22. Having public holidays called Bank Holidays.
  23. Forming an ‘orderly’ queue for anything that has to be waited for.
  24. Sighing when someone doesn’t queue in a respectable way. 
  25. Being overly polite (even if we don’t want to be).

One thought on “25 British traditions and traits.

  1. Oh I love this list! I lived in England for a while in my late teens/early 20s (I doubt you were born then) and reading this reminds me of that time plus my English ex-husband, my English bestie, my English neighbours and basically every English person Iโ€™ve ever met!

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