[Apps]: 5 Recommendations.

By no means am I a technology enthusiast (I barely passed my IT class), however I always find it helpful when someone recommends some apps; so today I’d like to share with you 5 practical apps that are actually useful rather than a waste of your android device’s storage. 

Blue light filter – Night mode, eye care. 

More commonly thesedays, app developers are trusting scientist’s research based on the fact that blue light can damage our eyes when viewed accessively from a small distance i.e. a smart phone screen. The colour blue also keeps people alert thus potentially keeping us awake. This app allows you to turn on a yellow tinted filter to reduce the amount of disturbance by blue light. What I like about this particular version of the function is that the yellow light is adjustable to your preferance, meaning you could also promote your eye care during the day, not just at nightime.

LINE Webtoon – FREE comics.

Line messanger has it’s own ‘sub-app’ (-in a way), of free comic strips. With categories ranging from romance, comedy, fiction and more, it’s a great way to pass the time on public transport.  It allows creative freedom to anyone who wants to start publishing their own comics, or you can simply view the comics from the ‘popular’ or ‘today’ pages. I generally read some from the comedy section, but it can be difficult to keep a straight face in public. 

St John’s Ambulance First Aid.

Now of course you shouldn’t be flicking through pages on your phone when needing to administrator first aid, especially not in serious cases. This app primarily serves a Teaching purpose prior to an event of giving someone first aid. Personally, like many in certain lines of work, I have received offical workplace first aid training along with some other particular first aid courses. So I highly recommend everyone to regularly revisit an app like this to remember the steps to performing resuscitation, the treatment of minor burns etc. You never know when a situation may occur that requires you to help another person, so it’s best to prepare yourself just incase. 

Water Drink reminder.

Now this one could and couldn’t be useful, it depends on the individual. Basically everytime you drink water you record it’s volume on the app. The app adds the volumes together whilst showing how much of your daily allowance of water you have drank. The recommended daily allowance is determined by your weight. Only issue is, you have to know the volume of liquid you are drinking and have to remember to record your amounts. I find that it is easiest to drink from the same cup throughout the day and keep a shortcut of the app.

7 minutes workout

This is for the ‘lazy’ exercisers (-you know what I mean, me included). In all fairness it’s actually a great exercise app from busy people or for those who can’t afford to go to the gym, but want a moderate exercise routine. 13 times a day for around 30 seconds you do a mixture of exercises that only require the use of a floor, a chair and or a step. Diagrams are usefuly provided as an aid.  

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