[Book Review]: Miranda Hart – ‘Is it just me?’

For those who are unfamiliar with Miranda Hart, she is a British comedian who is most well known for her self-titled sitcom: ‘Miranda‘. In real life and alike her sitcom character Hart is, well let’s just say, a little awkward and clumsy at times. Honestly, she is a celebrity that people can actually relate to, just unfortunately for her, she embarrasses herself a bit more frequently than most people embarrass themselves. She’ll say things out loud that everyone would usually be able to keep to themselves; including insults towards someone. I throughly enjoyed her TV series (which has now ended supposedly permanently), so reading her 2012 biography was a must.

Her biography gives readers an insight to her teenage years at an independent girls’ boarding school and her transition into adult life. She is upfront about many aspects, not shying away from any of her ‘cringe’ worthy moments or the difficulties she sometimes had for ‘fitting in’ with her peers or colleagues. She discusses how her dream wasn’t initially to be a comedian. She wanted to pursue playing lacrosse at a professional level: a sport which she began at the boarding school, having height to her advantage. On the subject of her height, she empathises how she learned to accept her height as being a positive thing rather than focusing on the disadvantages. 

As her biography moves fluidly between accounts of her teenage years and adulthood, her biography audience is diverse by age; therefore detailing how she accepted her flaws, overcoming obstacles and mentioning that life doesn’t always go according to plan was an important message for anyone, but especially beneficial and encouraging for struggling teens who are somewhat undecided on their future prospects. In this particular biography she mentions her school day crushes, though overall the romance aspect of her life mainly remains hidden from the public eye: her main companion being her dog ‘Peggy’. 

I don’t want to ruin all of the funny incidents she mentions just incase any of you want to read, but ‘unexplained nudity’ and not being able to control her body causes a few mishaps. I’m definitely also going to read her other books: Peggy and Me’ & ‘The best of Miranda’.

Rating: 9/10.

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