Simple comforts.

I’m someone who is easily pleased: I would consider that to be a nice personality trait but some may think otherwise. I don’t need expensive materialistic belongings especially not in large quantities. I’d much rather recieve a handwritten letter or a handcrafted sentiment than a pricey piece of jewellery or technology. If I am to ever be engaged or married in my lifetime, I don’t necessarily need a diamond ring or wedding band; something cheap that symbolises the person I love will satisfy me enough as I’d wear that object on my person like carrying them with me when I am alone.

I don’t want to go to a fancy upper-class restaurant, regardless of it being a special occasion. It would be much more comforting and familiar to sit at home on the sofa with a soft blanket, eating spaghetti whilst watching ‘The Big Bang Theory‘. Infact some warm vegetable soup from a can with a crusty bread roll would make me equally delighted.

I understand that everyone isn’t like minded when it comes to how to spend money and whether it’s healthy or not to accumulate costly objects, however I find it very frustrating when people complain or are ungrateful for things they have brought for themselves or received as presents. There’s teenagers receiving $600+ phones for their birthdays or christmas, some will be very thankful, whereas others have an expectation to be given such a gift. What happened to being pleased with getting books from a loved one? Why did people turn to store baked cakes, instead of crafting their own?

Don’t get me wrong (-ah I dislike that phrase), I don’t live in total simplicity without electricity, a smartphone, or kitchen appliances, although I do know when too much is excessive. Yes, everyone can spend their money how they please, particularly if they have worked hard to earn that money. My point is that we should be more appreciative of what we own, not envying others or being greedy. Just because that jumper is a lovely shade that will match your skintone, is it a requirement to purchase it? We just need to calm down a little about haulding things; they don’t bring us happiness they are merely a distraction.

2 responses to “Simple comforts.”

  1. I’m a lover of the simple things too. I usually take most pleasure in the company, either by myself or my friends, and just the fact that I have the freedom to do so. I think it’s all in our perspectives. Great post!

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  2. A very agreeable sentiment a

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