[Poem]: Throughout the Autumn nights.

The Sapphire tinted sky casts over the cities and fields around midnight.

Stars barely gleam through the fogginess.

Deep Cyan ripples glint through the sparse clusters of clouds.

Foxes scamper athwart the dewy fields to unfamiliar grounds

whilst the overactive minds of the anxious flood with worriness;

constricted by thought, turning beneath the blankets which were previously consoling.

The crisp crunchy Auburn leaves conveyed by the howling wind, skim past window pains

startling sleepy near restless suffers of insomnia.

The sweet aroma of a pumpkin & nutmeg infused candle engulfs the bedroom of an individual,

who seeks comfort within a novel describing the Autumn adventures of woodland creatures.

October brings rain that patters against abandoned patio chairs:

calming the Scottish fold who kneeds the duvet adjacent to it’s owner.

We all find something nostalgic and homely in overcoming the harsh bitterness 

of November’s chill, by hovering over a steaming mug of hot cocoa.

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