A letter.

I’m not the kind of person to usually expose my relationship with my boyfriend so publicly on social media; infact not a single one of our moments together is captured in photographs existing on Facebook, Instagram etc. All our moments are in our hearts and minds, just for us two. Of course our close friends and family know of our commpanionship, but that’s as open as we will be with details. On several occasions I have written letters, poems and sentiments for his eyes only: that’s just a usual part of a couple’s bond I believe. However, I feel like I want to indirectly express this precious feeling of love through letters via my blog. I don’t want to entirely keep such a wonderful aspect of my life as a secret. I’m too happy to hide away.

My dear lover, 

Others may see you for your talents, your artistic passions or your physical handsomeness. I see and envy all those things too; but I’m more grateful, in awe of the simple things like the unique characteristics that shape the man I have had the pleasure of living with. 

I secretly love how you tease me in whichever way you choose. I love the comforting warmth radiating from your skin as I fall asleep. Waking next to you each morning is one of my favourite times of day; especially when you gently embrace me with a single arm: doing so signifies the beginning of a fresh new day. 

The simple daily activities, such as eating with you or chatting while drinking tea, are times that I really value as there was a long time that I couldn’t even see your face or sit beside you. You give me positivity and hope for all events that are to come. When we were apart I felt incomplete, longing for you. Thesedays I feel empowered to start living properly. You make me feel alive. 

I’m not going to deny that we’ve had our disagreements and misunderstandings; sometimes due to our cultural differences though we can’t expect to be completely alike otherwise we wouldn’t enjoy learning from each other nor experiencing things together. The down times we’ve had are all worth it as we always overcome our issues, hands entwined once again, laughing out our own random behaviours and sarcastic humours.

There’s an endless list of why I’m more than thankful for your existence. All else I can say is I love you, and I deeply wish the best for you always, each and everyday. I’m eager to see what our furture holds, as we continue on this journey that we’ve begun to take as one.

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