‘To-do-list’: My goals for November.

Recently I’ve seen quite a few blog posts by others who have set themselves targets to complete either within a week or for the duration of a month.We are three days into November, but I’m not going to allow my slight tardiness discourage me from setting myself some achievements to reach. In my current mental state I don’t think I’m necessarily ready for syncing myself up to completely win over my issues by suddenly being spontaneous and wild: that’s not me, not part of my personality. I’ve recently made big changes in my life, I don’t need to make more huge steps so soon. I do however think it would be sensible to deal with my depression and my less serious issue of forgetfulness, by forming a list of little goals I want to finish before November ends; doing so will keep my mind active in a positive way with limited pressure. No matter how big or small your goals are, I encourage anyone and everyone to create some form of a ‘to-do-list’.

  • Exercise for at least 1 hour per day.

    I don’t partake in sports, going to a gym and overall excercise is so boring to me unless I see progress on my health and body within a few weeks. Although, I think it would be manageable and somewhat fun to play badminton for 30-50 minutes each night. Conveniently there is a plaza area opposite the appartement I am currently at; at night time its barely occupied with just a few passers by with their dogs or skateboards. The dim lighting of the street lamps peering through the auburn leaves of overhead trees makes the plaza a more comfortable, less ‘showy’ place to excercise and badminton is evidently a sport where you aren’t awkwardly drawing attention to yourself by exercising alone. Prior to the badminton sessions, I want to maintain a habit of doing floor exercises focusing on toning my stomach and tights. By the end of November I will be able to plank for two minutes!

     My guilty pleasure is listening/watchingASMR videos on YouTube. Now I say ‘guilty pleasure’ because it seems to be a contriversal form of ‘entertainment’. For those who don’t know what ASMR is, it stands for ‘Autonomous Sensory Meriden Response’: in basic terms people can feel relaxed and sleepy when hearing certain sounds or when gentle hand movements are close in proximity to their face. I thought the whole concept was strange: people whispering or talking in a slow quiet voice seemed creepy and similar to having my personal space invaded by some stranger on my phone screen. As time went by I learnt that not all ASMR Artists’ will have an effect on an individual. It takes particular tones of someone’s unique voice and particular sounds to allow someone to have a positive physical or mental response to the sounds in which they hear. Just because you haven’t felt ‘tingles’ (a phenomenon of a tingling sensation on the head, neck, or back induced by sounds) whilst watching one ASMR producer it doesn’t mean you can never experience it. So far I have only come across two or three ASMR creators that have helped me sleep despite my recurring insomnia, but I am so glad I persisted with trying to find the right sounds and people for me. My favourite sounds are brushing, tapping on plastic objects and unintelligible speaking. The role plays keep the variety of sounds interesting. I’m not an overall girly girl, but I do enjoy ASMR makeup roleplays. 

    It seems like I’ve gone on a tangent…

    What I was trying to say is that listening to ASMR while exercising makes the experience half relaxing and less of a chore. Try it!

    • Buy a plant/some plants.

    Now you are probably thinking, Emma, this one can easily be make possible. Yes, I know, but I keep forgetting! I have a short-term memory like a sieve (on the contrary with a very helpful long-term memory). I would prefer to have a pet, although my temporary living arrangements hinder this. Alternatively, I though it would be nice to decorate the interior of the apartment I am at with some flowers or some plants. I’m keen on interior design and recently went to the amazing world that is Ikea for the first time. To complete everything and add colour in juxtaposition to the black/grey furniture and white walls, I’m in need of some elements of nature. For now we have some crimson roses and a small bouquet of dried flowers. November will bring a plant that actually requires my attention for it’s survival!

    • Buy some Autumn/Winter clothes.

    When preparing to move away from London, I donated alot of ill-fitting clothes to charity; this has resulted in me only owning 4 jumpers and a pair of black skinny jeans. I got by the Summer with enough t-shirts and dresses but for someone who loves the cold seasons and comfortable wooly clothes, I  seem to have limited choices. I’m taking a brief week-long trip to Osaka, Japan in December and I especially don’t want to feel unorganised and unhygienic by wearing the same jeans the whole week. So, I must find some petite trousers somewhere that are inexpensive. Prehaps treating myself to a new pair of Chelsea boots too…? So far I have wisely invested in a thermal long-sleeved top and matching leggings from Uniqlo. London can easily slide into the minus temperatures by January, and South Korea recieves the bitter weather a few weeks ahead of the Uk. I need to brace myself for the -10° or more weather in Incheon. 

    • Use body moisturiser each day.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one here who regularly forgets to use body cream! Don’t laugh at me! I’m not bragging (well maybe a bit) but I’m very good with maintaining a skincare routine especially facial skincare. Since the age of twelve I began using face lotions and scrubs, at least two years before my peers found they needed care for their acne. So I basically have the childlike face of a fourteen year old, and at this rate if I don’t moisturise my body like my face I’m gonna look like a scaley reptile by the time I’m thirty five. Just cause I look fine now, I’m not taking any risks! This month I’m gonna be dowst in the essence of ‘cotton baby’.

    • Drink more coffee (once per day).

    Many would say I should be aiming for the opposite, surely the stimulant that’scaffeine isn’t good for the body. I’m not a coffee person, the scent makes me feel quezy. I can enjoy the occasional coffee as long as it’s mild, chilled and it’s even better is a flavour has been added to it. South Koreans have a bigmarket for coffee. Every street has at least 2 or 3 coffee shops, Americano is the most preferred coffee according to sale statistics. I once watched a news report which discussed the experiment of the effects that coffee had on South Korean University students. The study showed that the students could endure and concentrate better over the course of their long studying days upon drinking coffee in the morning.

    The report concluded that having one coffee per day is healthy for the brain cells, in conparision high caffeine intake is what’s unhealthy; causing a strain on the heart and brain. Coffee in moderation is something I should adopt as taking vitamin supplements aren’talways enough to stop me from becoming sluggish by 3pm. 

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