My skincare routine: For very sensitive, oily skin.

By no means am I a dermatologist. Just from a young age I have tried and tested alot of products in the attempt to find skincare that isn’t irritating for my very sensitive skin whilst at the same time removes deep sebum. Usually this isn’t a good skin type combination to have. If I use products specifically aimed at sensitive skin, my skin is soothed but its not abbrasive enough to remove oil traces which can lead to acne. On the other hand, if I use skin care products for oily skin, they are often too harsh causing a skin reaction. It may have been difficult to find what is best for me, but I enjoyed experimenting and learning a thing or two about different skin types. Hopefully this post can help out anyone else who has a somewhat complicated skin type similar to mine.

First cleanse: To tackle oiliness you need to use an oil based cleanser. It has become a myth that oily skin doesn’t require hydration. You may not need a oil moisturiser, however an oil cleanser or makeup remover will dissolve sebum build up. So far I have found two oil cleansers that also cater to sensitive skin: Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil which claims to be made of 100% grapeseed oil, and the Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil, which can be imported from Japan via Amazon.  

Second cleanse: Using a makeup remover, an oil cleanser, Micellar water or a makeup wipe is only the first cleansing step preparing the skin to be cleansed more deeply by cleansing the surface first. The second cleanse is just as important. Oily skin benefits most from foam cleansers. Using a bubble maker allows you make enough foam to soak into the skin. Your skin should feel oil free, but not tight or dry. I recommend the Shisedio-Senka Whipping Foam. Neutrogena ‘s 2-in-1 mask and face wash isn’t a foam cleanser but it’s menthol ingredients really settles itchiness and aids the healing of spots whilst the white clay absorbs sebum well; I’ve used it for years and keep returning to it. Infact I think it’s one of my all time favourites which I have recommended to my brother, my Mum and my boyfriend: it worked wonders for them too.

Moisturising: Finding a moisturiser is a little easier than cleansers. Basically anything without perfume, many chemicals and is natural as possible will be suitable. Occasionally very sensitive skin can be allergic to natural ingredients, i.e. plants and food sources, but most of the time is safe to stick to the natural side especially if it is used sparingly. I found that Aloe Vera Gel is nice and light for sensitive oily skin during Spring/Summer, and gel creams are great for Autumn/Winter. Classic or basic form creams like Nivea Crème and Norwegian formula can be used as long as you dilute the greasiness with a drop or two of water. 

Extras: Keeping a three step skincare routine might be simple enough for your skin. If you want to eradicate other skin problems like reducing pore size and blackheads it’s all about trial and error and using them less than daily. For a while the Dark Angels charcoal scrub from Lush helped reduce my blackheads and control oil, but if I used it more than once or twice per week, it caused itchiness. Nowadays I just add sugar or salt to the cleansing oils I mentioned to make a scrub that is as basic as possible. Oil control papers literally do nothing but solve there purpose without damaging the skin in any way. 

Tools: You don’t need anything fancy. No need to buy the latest skincare gadgets when you are trying to keep your routine limited. A silicone brush or mild buffing puff is all you need. They are literally only £3 or less on the Internet or in drugstores/highstreet. A towel that is specially used just for drying your face and your face alone allows you to keep a good hygiene practice.

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