What’s in my bag? 

The ever recurring ‘what’s in my bag’ tag?’… and all other versions of it, is something I’ve never joined in with. I’m not a trend follower or particularly interested in makeup, but I will admit that it’s partly interesting to be nosey about other people’s lives and to see what items they use on a daily basis. I’m not assamed to admit that I get gift ideas by watching people’s ‘What’s in my bag?’ tag videos or blog posts. I’m quite a simple person, so be aware that this could be a very uneventful detailing of what’s in my bag. 

My bag:

Most of the time I use my black medium sized rucksack/backpack from H&M. The design was originally themed for their Halloween 2016 collection, but due to popularity they continued to restock the backpack until early January of this year. It has a simple fake-leaher look with a front pocket and one main compartment. It has cat ears near the hook and a black pompom attached to the zip to resemble a cat’s tail. When the front pocket is unzipped is reveals spiked teeth, although I didn’t realise this until after purchasing it. At first I decided to save money buy not buying it, then gave into temptation about 3 weeks later (my bad). Considering the material isn’t very thick and only the bottom is structured, the straps are quite strong. From a young age I was a bag collector (or a haulder as my parents would say), and I think this is one of my favourite most practical bags I have ever owned. 

What’s inside?:

Nature Republic City-Care Marine Water Wipes: Two packets of these came as a free gift with a small order off of their website. I was already familiar with the City-Care range as I brought my brother the Trans pack to foam cleanser which can be used as a foam and also a quick face mask. The idea behind this range is using marine water (most likely a form of salt water) to deeply clean skin which has been exposed to polluted city environments. The wipes have a light fresh fragrance, which at first I thought would cause irritation, but I was gladly surprised by experiencing no negative effects. I carry these with me mainly as hand wipes for when eating at resturants etc, then again they come in handy for removing makeup after a long day out when you aren’t quite home yet. 

Burt’s Bees Honey lip balm: Honestly I’m not particularly a fan of the flavour of honey, but its a great hydrating ingredient. I confess, I have way too many lip balms which I probably won’t finish before their experation dates, although this one is something I always carry around with me during the cold seasons. It’s very soft, not overly greasy and seems to be lasting quite a while regardless of it’s many applications. I think it’s a little expensive considering the size of the tube, which I have forgiven as it’s organic.

Primark purse: Nothing fancy. Whenever I buy a purse from somewhere as cheap as Primark it seems to last for years. As long as it has enough card solts, and two or more sections for separating coins and notes, then I’m satisfied. Khaki is one of my favourite colours, so I wasn’t bothered by the fact that it was only available in one or two shades. It cost as little as £5 or £6.

A snack: Whenever I know that I have to be away from home for 4 hours or more and don’t want to spend extra money, I always sneak a snack in my bag from whatever I have at home. Recently mini packets of M&Ms or individually wrapped cookies have helped me get by when taking long journeys on the South Korean subway system. If you are on a diet, please take some kind of small sugary snack in your bag in the case of feeling dizzy. No diet is worth becoming ill for.

Power bank: Literally one of the most practical inventions of this decade. I have an inexpensive one which only supplys around 2 hours of battery, but it has been a life saver when my phone’s battery was about to drain at the beginning of a full work day. No need to remember to take your charger with you or to find a power socket in pubic, take power on the go. Only problem is I’m too forgetful to recharge it. 

Hand sanitiser: Now you can see there is an OCD theme going on here. I overly worry about the little things. What if I need this? What is I need that? – and don’t have it. As much as I would like to carry a mini vacuum cleaner with me at all times, I’ve at least compromised by carrying around some hand sanitiser. Public transport is a germ field, and public toilets aren’t entirely reliable for providing hand soap; so hand gel is an essential when you unexpectedly stop for a bite to eat whilst shopping or travelling. 

Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint (Strawberryade): Usually this doesn’t have to reapplied throughout the duration of a few hours of being out and about. What irritates me more than anything is having dry lips with uneven lip product remainance. Tints aren’t exactly easy to apply without a mirror, though this tone matches well with most of my outfits so I take it with me ‘just in case’ (-I bore myself, really).

My phone: Don’t snigger. I have quite an outdated phone. Now I don’t mean I have a iPhone 2 or even worse a Motorola flip phone made in the year 2000. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s not totally equipped with the latest technology, but its able to install and operate the same apps as an iPhone 7 or whichever. I just can never bring myself to pay out for a pricey smartphone even if it’s payed for in installments. Currently my S5 is processing commands a little slow and occasionally freezes, but until it breaks (which I expect will be soon) I will continue to use it.

Collection concealer (01 Fair): For anyone not from the Uk, Collection, let’s just say is literally the cheapest of the cheapest makeup brand within drugstores. It’s often, or was, the ‘go-to’ brand for young people who want to start to experiment with makeup and are dependant on a limited budget. Stereotypically brands like Collection are seen as not being good for fulfilling there purpose; thesedays people know it as a ‘hit or miss’ brand with no middle ground. Either a product from them is awful or unbelievably great. One of their most sold products is their concealer. If I remember correctly it costs less than 4 pounds. Even famous beauty bloggers swear by it, preferring it to many concealers by high end brands.

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