5 of the Most Popular Korean Skincare & Beauty Products.

This list isn’t based on my recommendations alone, more so put together with the help of ‘best sellers’ sections of websites that sell Korean Skincare and beauty products. For some people they delve into using korean cosmetics due to their admiration of kpop idols and actresses, therefore wanting to adopt their styles, whereas others simply try and test korean cosmetics in the hope that they would be more or equally as beneficial as cosmetics from other countries.

I began using Korean cosmetics in the hope of finding products that could aid sensitive skin as that had been difficult for me. Most skincare from Korean brands aren’t categorised by skin types, alternatively targeting all skin types with one product. Its quite common for natural ingredients to be used, inspired by century old remedies: quite a few western brands lack this advantage. So far I haven’t had any bad experiences with using cosmetics from Korea, so I have begun to trust them more than well known drugstore brands that are from America and Europe. I will never underestimate Western beauty products, and continue to purchase them, just for now the majority of skincare I use is from Korea.

Anyway… here are 10 of the Most Popular Korean Skincare & Beauty products:

  • Banilla Co Clean it Zero: This isn’t anything new, but literally everytime I scroll through the ‘most popular’ page of top websites including yesstyle.com and stylekorean, this cleansing balm is on the list. It’s a first step cleanse product which apparently removes makeup and oil so well that you won’t be sloshing remaining traces of makeup across your face during the second half of your cleansing process.

    • Innisfree Ampoule Insense Cushion foundation: For those who aren’t familiar with ‘cushion’ makeup, it’s the most preferred way to apply foundations and BB creams in South East Asia. Even Western brands purposely change their bottle packaging when releasing a product in Korea, Japan and China to take on the cushion form instead. The main function of a cushion pack is travel convenience for makeup reapplication. No need to worry about a pump bottle leaking in your bag or about remembering to carry a brush to apply it with. A non-overly absorbant sponge puff is included in every compact. Most cushions can be refilled with a easily detachable refill compartment so you don’t have to rebuy the casing each time you finish a pot. Innisfree foundations and BB cream whether they are in cushions or not, are my favourite among Korean cosmetic brands. They have the perfect shade for me, they can be applied lightly or buildable to full coverage if necessary, and they add green tea extracts to most of their base makeup items which is beneficial for the recovery of acne or irritations. The Ampoule Insense version particularly sold well as it gives a semi-dewy finish whilst not causing total shininess: even people with oily skin can use it. Dewy foundation has been a trend in Korea for the past two Summers as it looks youthful.

      • Peripera lip tints: Lip tints are preferred even more than lipstick due to their longevity. Tints by Peripera are a perfect example of non-shifting lip colour (-at least not effortlessly). There tints are so longlasting that they had to sell a lip tint remover alongside their range. With many formulas to choose from, it’s a common product contained within the makeup bags of people who don’t buy anything else from the brand.

        • Clio Kill Cover range: Clio is the sister company of Peripera. If I remember correctly their Kill Cover range was released only last year. Since then even Korean drugstores ensure that they are well stocked with the range; often strategically placing it at the front of stores surrounded by it’s enticing display. The Kill Cover concealer seems to be most appealing. Not everyone wants to wear full coverage foundation but feel like they have to because their concealer isn’t enough to deminish the redness of spots or the darkness of undereye circles. The Kill Cover concealer alone is enough to solve most people’s skin insecuries so it not a requirement to by the entire range.

          • Sheet masks: Undeniably the most sold skincare product in Korea. In Japan and Korea they are really easy and cheap to obtain. The basic, or original ones produced by Innisfree only cost 1,000 won/£0.68p/$0.83 each. With a multitude of natural ingredients infused within these cotton and gel sheet masks it’s regarded as a daily skincare step. Unfortunately, the are a tad expensive to buy online outside of south east asia, usually costing £4/$5.25+ per sheet mask. Ebay sellers charge £1/$1.30 at the least, but there is often a restriction to the amount you can buy in each transaction; furthermore there is a worry that fake branded sheetmasks are being sold to seem like the real deal. My favourite sheetmasks are by MediHeal, even after just one use my skin can feel soothed or hydrated depending on their suggested purposes.

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