My travel essentials for my trip to Osaka, Japan.

In a month I’m taking a brief week long trip to Osaka, Japan. It’s going to be equally or even colder there this December than it is in Korea and certainly at least entering the minus degrees which the UK doesn’t experience until late January or February. Apart from the obvious essentials including a thick coat, a hat, a scalf, gloves, wooly jumpers, jeans, thermal underwear, boots and many socks for laying I want to ensure I have all that I need without taking too much and reserving space in my suitcase for souvenirs. So I’ve narrowed the extra contents other than clothing down too these items:

Nature Republic Travel Kit – With a small online purchase on Nature Republic‘s website I received 3 free travel kits each containing 5, 30ml products. Each kit includes a Natural olive Shampoo, a Natural olive hair treatment, a floral shower gel, a floral body lotion and a foam face cleanser form their Jeju Sparkling range. This pack is very generous. In the UK it’s very hard to come by a free set of this quality especially if you didn’t spend much to receive such a gift.

Face moisturiser sachets: As the travel kit I just mentioned doesn’t include a face cream, I’m think it’s the best time to use up some of the free samples I have accumulated from magazines and from instore purchases from my first time in Korea, back in April of this year. There’s no need to take a weighty glass tub of moisturiser when sachets are almost weightless and are flat enough to store easily. The sachets contain a volume less than the liquid guidelines for liquid quantities allowed in hand luggage, so I can store them in my handbag for quick access on the aeroplane rather than in my check-in luggage. If you live in the UK, other than by magazines, the way to obtain free samples is achievable online. Simply type in ‘free samples Uk’ into a search engine and the top four or five websites are most trustworthy.

You don’t neccassarily have to ‘sign-up’ to that site. Each day the sites provide a list detailing free samples on offer. Click on the sample which you hope to recieve, and you will redirected to a brand’s website or a company working with a brand. Oftenly all you have to do is fill out the information boxes with your name and address for the sample to be delivered to. Sometimes you may get to choose the type of sample, or in exchange for a quick survey a sample will be selected for you based on the answers you gave in the data collection. You have to be quite quick with applying for samples before their limited quantities are taken, so it’s best to view the deals in the morning when they have newly been added to sites. It depends on the brand, but I find that L’Oréal, Garnier and Simple are the most rewarding with their samples. One time I applied for a free sample of L’Oréal’s popular True Match Foundation when they had added extra shades to their line. I expected to recieve a tiny, one application sample. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a full sized 30ml bottle which retails for 6.99. Another time I was successful in receiving samples of L’Oréal’s Extraordinary clay rebalancing shampoo which wasn’t sold in stores yet. It took 3 or 4 weeks to arrive, though I soon forgave the wait as they sent large bottles of the shampoo, conditioner and a tub of the hair mask.

Toweling headband: This is so helpful for using during your make-up and skincare routines. No need to fiddle around with hair ties and hair clips, when a towel fabric headband that is washable and can get wet can be used instead. Imported one from China via Amazon UK for less that 3. It took less than two weeks to arrive and I’ve used it everyday since.

A few small towels: Is it just me or does using someone else’s towels in a hotel or Airbnb feel unsanitary?

Gillette Venus travel razor: This convenient, compact travel razor is safely contained within it’s own box. The blades are interchangable with any of your preferred Gillette Venus blades which also fit the regular sized razor handles by Gillette Venus. During the Summer and Christmas holiday seasons stores like Superdrug, Boots and some well stocked large British supermarkets sell them on discount for around 6.

Dolce & Gabbana – Dolce Rosa Excelsa perfume: Literally the only designer thing I own. I brought it for myself as a treat after saving money from a new job. I don’t like ‘sophisticated’ scents that are strong and complex, nor do I enjoy overly sweet fruity scents or musk. I like mild floral scents sometimes with fruit or nut understones. The high, medium and low notes of Rosa Excelsa all are formed from the fragrances of types of roses. Other than peach and melon, rose is one of my favourite scents and flavours. So this was a perfect choice for me. The packaging is so pretty, but not practical. At least a quarter of the perfume leaked in my in-flight transparent ziplock bag when I travelled from France to Korea *sigh*. I had even tied a hair tie around the lid to try to prevent this from happening. This time securing the perfume bottle with bubble wrap and sticky tape will just have to be a procaution in order to smell nice.

I also need to buy a gift for my boyfriend’s friend and friend’s wife as I will be meeting them from the first time. Anyone got any suggestions of something I can take from Korea to give to the Japanese couple?

7 thoughts on “My travel essentials for my trip to Osaka, Japan.

  1. Great list! I’m also making a trip this December but to South Korea. I’m from Florida in the US so it’s really tropical climate here haha it’s going to be a shock!


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