2 Days in 1 Blog Post. 

Quite late into yesterday afternoon my boyfriend and I unexpectedly decided to take a little shopping trip to Myeondong, which is the biggest most famous shopping district in Seoul, South Korea. The evening is especially the busiest time to walk the streets of Myeondong as tourists are around experiencing the street foods and Korean citizens have completed their work schedules or finished attending their Sunday church services. My main misson was to find a thick puffer coat or sports thermal jacket as my kinda ‘smart’ or ‘dressy’ looking tailor style coat is a little inappropriate for the approaching Winter weather.

It seems that most well made padded coats in Korean clothing stores are quite expensive: a knee-length one less than £100 plus is rare to come by. I think this is a commercial tactic. They know well that people will be in desperate need of a warming jacket for the harsh Winter, so people will buy one now matter how pricey it is. I didn’t want to settle for continuing to use my current coat with the addition of a hoodie worn underneath so in a well known Korean brand stop called Spao I managed to purchase a navy, toggle fastened mid-length coat with a hood and fleece lining. An Asian size small is usually the equivalent to a size extra small in Europe/UK, but the sizes in Spao were a little inaccurate. I brought the coat in the smallest size and it’s slightly too roomy, which made me feel good because I’m not slim. I’m petite by height and a bit curvy. From what I heard about Spao before going to one of their stores, was that the clothing is very basic in style, selling the essentials similarly to American Apparel. However I was pleasantly surprised by the style choices that Spao has to offer. They have masculine and sporty style clothing for women just like Forever 21, but they also have the typical feminine Korean clothing; which is a mixture of long floral dresses and tight yet modest blouses. If you buy skirts from a Korean brand just be aware that they are can be quite on the short side or down to ankle length, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

I may have (no I definitely did) ruined my healthier eating choices plan which I had set myself as a target for this month. I went to a chicken fast-food restaurant called ‘Mom’s Touch‘ which is basically like KFC chicken met the wide variety of delicious burger toppings that McDonald’s, ShakeShack and In-&-Out have. Other than Lotteria which I mentioned in another post for having scrumptious shimp and mozzerella burgers, Mom’s Touch is one of my new favourites. Even their chips/fries are so good as they have a somewhat southern fried seasoning.

For dessert we went to Sulbing which is one of the most popular shaved ice dessert cafes. I went there on my first trip to Korea, so going there again, sitting in the same seats by the window was a nice recreation of memories.

Towards one end of Myeondong the street was illuminated with Christmas lights. At first I thought it was a little too early to be starting the festivity, but these lights must have taken alot of time and money to provide so it makes sense to proudly have them on show for as long as possible. The lights aren’t static nor flickering, it was more like a looped presentation.

Today we took our new kitten to my boyfriend’s grandfather’s apartment so they could be introduced to each other, as his grandad has kindly agreed to look after our kitten whilst we take our short trip to Japan next month. As I stated in the post I wrote about Milly (the cat I had to leave in the UK under the care of my parents) I said I could never replace Milly; which is still true. No cat will ever have the same characteristics as Milly, or make me forget how important she is to me. So getting an new cat isn’t something I should feel guilty about any longer. Obviously if Milly was younger and hadn’t spent so many years in the comforting surroundings of my parent’s house, then I would have arranged for Milly to move abroad with me rather than homing a new animal.

Aki: meaning ‘Autumn’ in Japanese, is her name. She’s a 2 month old British short-hair who we have only had for a week. Aki hasn’t exactly had the best start in her young life so far. She wasn’t abandoned though she did have two previous families who realised they couldn’t commit there time to fulfil her needs. I hope she is pleased with her new forever home with us. At the moment she is a tad overly vocal, she hasn’t learnt to use her cry for when essential. She cries just like a baby for everything: most of all to have help getting down the stairs and because she can’t jump high enough onto tables and countertops to see what I am doing. She is slowly growing in confidence and of course very inquisitive. She might need encouragement to use her own bed instead of ours, yet it’s nice that she wants to be in our company often. Most satisfying of all is that she is gradually growing to a healthy weight, enjoying new foods.

I didn’t wreak my healthy eating plan as much as yesterday. I had a late lunch at a Korean BBQ restaurant, which has alot of vegetable and leafy side dishes with meat that has had most of the fatty parts removed. I also ate some bread and croquettes from Paris Baguette, sharing them so not as to over eat. They have such beautifully decorated cream cakes too, which you can buy as the full cake instead of per slice. They sell everything from petite sandwiches, garlic butter toast, macaroons, ice lollies and all the usual French pastries including croissants. How could I say no to a melon and fresh cream filled bun or a hotdog and cream cheese flat bread?

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  1. I wish I can visit Seoul someday, Myeongdong sounds fascinating! the food looks yum, haha xx also Aki is adorable~ (hope you have a lovely day!)

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