All about fragrances. 

Perfumes, aftershaves/calone, candles, insense, oil diffusers, anything with the purpose of providing an aroma can be hard to give as gifts as scents deemed to be pleasant are based on personal preferences. Some fragrances that a soft and mild are usually a safe option to give as presents. Here I have complied a little list of scented gifts that are gentle enough to cater to most people’s liking.

Yankee Candle – ‘Wedding Day’ candle: In Korea it’s a custom to bring a small gift for the person who has welcomed you into their home; in Western cultures this is seen less often and usually is only a habit upheld by very polite people or for helping people who are starting there life in a new home. A few days ago I received this candle from a Korean guest. It has a light floral scent, seemingly to be a mixture of white flowers: perhaps roses and peony. I found that using a candle warming lamp defusers the aroma further across a room moreso than lighting it’s wick. The name of the candle alone makes it a lovely gift for newly married couples or for wedding anniversaries.

Jo Malone – ‘Orange Blossom’ candle: If you are familiar with this trendy brand, you’ll know that these candles do not come cheaply. If you do want to treat yourself to a luxurious candle then you will be very satisfied with this particular one. The orange of course gives a fruity, citrus overtone whereas the blossom calms the intensity of orange’s sweetness. This is one of Jo Malone’s most sold products, presented in a classy transparent glass jar with a black bow on the lid and a monochrome label.

Bath & Body Works – ‘Fresh balsam’ candle: this is a new addition to their Winter/Christmas collection. Traditionally Christmas candles are symbolic of mulled wine and cinnamon based hot beverages, but spiced scents are one of those ‘hit or miss’ things. ‘Fresh balsam’ adopts a calm cooling fragrance of eucalyptus, pine and sandalwood.

The White Company – ‘Seychelles’ diffuser: This is often described as an exotic, summer holiday scent with it’s orange, coconut, amber and bergamot infusions; though these are balanced out with almond and vanilla.

John Lewis – Seagrass linen diffuser: Anything with a linen scent is fresh and mild like cotton. This diffuser has one of those ‘clean’ smells making it perfect for homes invaded by pet scents, or will be beneficial in bathrooms.

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