November Haul of Sale Items.

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Infact 80% of the time I will only by beauty, skincare or clothing if it is on sale or already at a low/reasonable price. When a new product releases and I’ve missed that first few weeks of it’s lowered introductory offer, I will wait until it’s on sale again before purchasing. I can be patient for things like that, but not so much for queueing and waiting for food to be cooked (sorry, not sorry).

Nature Republic Provence Canendula mild sunblock: One of the main skincare habits I have adopted under the influence of Korean and Japanese self-care routines is using suncream everyday. In the Western part of the world we seem to think sun protection is only necessary in the Summer days of blazing temperatures. In reality exposure to the sun no matter what the season is, is a factor that can cause premature aging and other skin issues. In South-East Asia, sunscreen is available in shops all year round and it’s alot easier to find sunblock which is just for facial skin; than compared to the brands targeting Western buyers. Usually this factor 30 (also sold in factors 40 and 50+) sunblock costs around 12,000won/£8.20/$10.70 for a 57ml tube. I found an outlet section on Nature Republic‘s English website, which sells products even cheaper than their current sale or promotion items. I made a fantastic saving as it only cost 2,500 won/£1.70/$2.23. I haven’t used this brand for suncream before but I have been using Mamonde‘s version of a similar sunblock also containing Calendula.

Peripera Ink Velvet Lip tints: In a few posts ago I mentioned Peripera lip tints in general being one of the most popular makeup products of the last few years. I specifically like the Velvet collection as they give a semi-matte finish yet are still hydrating and longlasting. I have constantly been using shade number 7: Dollish Beige Rose which if applied lightly is for a me one of those ‘my lip colour but better’ shades. OliveYoung, which is like the UK’s Superdrug and Boots or the US Sephora and Ulta, were selling all Peripera products with discounts. I took this chance to buy another Ink Velvet shade; this time number 6: Deep Celebrate Rose. It’s slightly pink toned but more towards a wine colour.

Spao checkered shirt-dress: I just had to buy it. I’ve warned myself not to buy anymore clothes until next year, but maybe I will break that rule during my trip to Osaka. It has long sleeves, comfortably oversized, and thick enough for Autumn and early Winter. I have been pairing it with high-denier tights or black leggings, Chelsea boots and a long tailored style khaki coat. I was pleasantly surprised by the style of clothes at Spao very much alike to Stylenanda; the quality being comparable to H&M and Zara.

4 responses to “November Haul of Sale Items.”

  1. I’ve tried for so long to get Peripera Ink Velvet in Dollish Beige Rose but it’s always out of stock online. Looks like I’m going to have to personally drop by Olive Young one day 😉

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    1. You’ll probably end up buying some of their other tints too now that there are more ranges available 🙂


      1. Right after publishing my review on their tints, I immediately ordered two more. I’m ashamed but what can I say? The colors are just soo cute!

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  2. sales are just the best x


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