Interior Design Wish list & Homeware Haul.

I have always loved interior design. Everything from intricate details of accessories to colour combinations. I even like collecting colour testers or sample booklets/strips. I think this liking came about during my childhood, my parents moved to a new home when I was 6 years old and it took quite a while for my Dad to get the time to decorate other rooms in the house before my bedroom. During the years of waiting to redecorate my bedroom which was covered in outdated, faded wallpaper I daydreamed about how I could renivate the look of the bedroom. I finally themed by bedroom around white/magnolia, black, aubergine purple and fushia pink. Since then I have wandered the homeware sections of shops looking forward to, and gathering ideas for styling the home I would have upon leaving my parent’s home.

I now live in a duplex apartment, small but not cramped. All the furniture is from Ikea (loveeee that place). The walls of course couldn’t be repainted as we do not own the apartment. In this case, we settle on a colour grouping of white/cream, black furniture, grey curtains and sofa, with shades of blue dotted around here and there.

Here is a selection of the accessories we have accumulated so far (all apart from the dried flowers is from IKEA):

There are quite a few items which I hope to get someday, either those pieces exactly or something similar:

I don’t like bold patterns or luminous colours. I prefer to mix primary and secondary colours or pastel colours alongside tones and metalics. Ideally I would love to have a white walls, black and cream furniture with teal or turquoise elements and silver accessories. I think having a decor plan in mind gives people something to work towards or to anticipate. It’s also nice to change our surroundings once in a while, to keep creative and avoid looking at the same things all the time. Having a nice, well designed bedroom or home isn’t about ‘showing off’ the expensive items you could (or couldn’t) afford, it’s about creating a space which pleases you. There are many good quality homeware pieces available for anyone needing to save money for other more important things or stick to a budget. Supermarkets thesedays have well produced bedding and glass ornaments, which I’m not assamed to say I have filled my room with or brought for people as gifts.

One last statement: don’t feel like you have to follow trends, interior design is an expression of what you favour or invision.

4 thoughts on “Interior Design Wish list & Homeware Haul.

  1. Totally agree with you here. Interior design is definitely an expression of self and your interaction with a space πŸ™‚ And it doesn’t have to be trendy! Love your blog πŸ™‚

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