Snack Recommendations – Low in Saturated Fats and Calories.

Heading in the direction of healthy eating choices doesn’t mean restricting yourself of savoury or sweet snacks nor eating fruits and vegetables alone for every meal. You just have to do a snack swap. Instead of being tempted to eat a Snicker bar or a packet of Doritos, there are plenty of alternatives you can have that will still satisfy your cravings. Don’t forget you can still have your favourite snacks, just less often and in small quantities.

To make things nice and simple, here is a list of my snack recommendations:

  • Popchips ‘crazy hot’ flavour – I tried these on a whim after seeing them for just 1 as an introductory offer. I was hooked! No lie, I ate two packets of these for a few weeks whilst the discount price continued. My habit was conveniently fulfilled by the massive Tesco Extra store on my way home from work. If you love spicy food, particularly paprika mixed with other chilli peppers, then you will want to try these. They are quite hot, so if you prefer mild spiciness, as the name suggests, these might blow your head off. They are vegan and gluten free. As long as you eat only a few handfuls at a time, you can stick to managing well your calorie intake.
  • Perkier Quinoa bars – I still haven’t ventured into the ‘Quinoa changed my life’ phase, though these snack bars are just as good as popular granola cereals and products from Graze. Quinoa is the bases of each of their snacks, but they have a wide variety of ingredient combinations. My personal favourites are Cacao & Cashew as well as Goji & Cranberry. They are very sweet and packed with raw ingredients thus conserving the ingredient’s nutrients. Fortunately they are organic, plant based, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free and 100% vegan. They are a little pricey when sold separately, though having them once or twice a week as a snack of along with your lunch keeps flavours interesting and non-repetative.
  • Whitworth Shots – I used to carry these around with me at work when I felt like I needed a bit of sugar when walking around alot in between meals. They are a mixture of seeds, nuts, dried fruits and some include small chunks of chocolate or biscuits. My favourites are Berry and white chocolate plus orange and chocolate seed. I felt like even if I had a plant based no meat lunch, I could get through the work hours with the help of a little sugar from these ‘shots’.
  • Eat Natural bars – Yes, another bar type snack, but trust me they’re so good. Like most healthy snack bars, these are a compaction of grains, oats, dried fruits on a layer of chocolate or yoghurt. They can be brought separately or as a box of three. I usually would buy the cranberries, macadamias and dark chocolate bars.
  • Tyrell’s Vegetable Crisps – Infact most brands of vegetable crisps are equally as good as the next brand, including supermarket own brands. You have most likely tried something along the lines of these before: thinly sliced, crispy, crunchy, dehydrated vegetables resembling our beloved potato crisps. Common vegetables used are: carrots, turnips/swede, parsnips, beetroot and sweet potatoes. They are seasoned very well with sea or rock salt, so consumption in limited amounts are sensible.
  • Innocent Smoothies – The Queen/King of smoothies. There are so many variations thesedays that it’s hard to get bored of including these into your meal routines. The brand haven’t just stopped at blending fruits together which compliment each other; for a while now they have sold smoothies with specific functions.
  • Seasame sticks – Basically the addictive snack of my childhood. It is one of the only things that my parent’s and brother ever stop by Holland & Barrett (a UK health store) for. I actually didn’t know this until now, but they are made from chickpeas, they taste nothing like chickpeas!
  • Plantain chips – Very similar to dried bananas but sweeter and usually sprinkled with salt. The chilli ones are much better than the plain type, and are very cheap. Nowadays you can find them very easily in the international foods section of your local supermarket or of course at an African/Caribbean mini store.
  • Danio – These are creamy, thick yoghurts which are high in protein and low in saturated fats which have been made through a straining process. There are several types of Danio, made by Danone, though the one I am mentioning has a fruit compot layer beneath the yoghurt. They are filling, so they’re perfect for breakfast.
  • Snack a Jack’s – Literally one of the longest time produced health snacks since the start of the millennium. I remember my Mum and people on the Weighwatcher’s diet, buying these like they were going out of fashion (which they never did). I have eaten these for years, and miss them now while living abroad. If you ever decide to swap crisps/chips for anything, snack a jack rice and corn crackers should be your number one choice. I usually gravitate towards the savory flavours: sour cream and chive or salt and vinegar. The most popular flavours are cheese, chocolate and caramel.

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