The Versatile Blogger & Blogger Recognition Awards.

This morning I woke up suprised to discover that I have kindly been nominated for The Versatile Blogger & Blogger Recognition Awards by the lovely . I very rarely get to participate in any form of tag or nomination train, so I am very thankful to her for allowing me to be a part of this.

In true spirit of receiving a nomination like this, it only makes sense to nominate other people who inspire me. It’s not a requirement to write a reason as to why I have nominated each person, but I will do so to include a little message for each of my nominees (-hope you all don’t mind). So without further hesitation, here are my Nominations for both awards:

  1. she never ceases to amaze me with her recipes, always unique and an expression of diverse cultural foods. I very much want to try and make her ‘Easy rustic tomato & caramelised onion galette’.
  2. every post is like following their travels, mainly around Hong-Kong’s restaurants, writing in both English and Japanese.
  3. her Disney trip made me so jealous, but I loved reading about her adventures and all the yummy foods she got to eat.
  4. constantly writing with full emotion which is inspiring.
  5. posting with such variety, detailing everything from scrumptious healthy recipes to informative pieces.
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her ‘Eating my way through the Alphabet’ series.
  7. a very talented poet who can find inspiration in the simplistic of things.
  8. discover the colourful and historical places of Japan with her.
  9. we have followed each other on WordPress and Instagram for quite some time already, any anime and cosplay enthusiast will love her content.
  10. another poet who continuously writes with passion.
  11. you’ll never miss a helpful beauty review by reading her posts.
  12. the perfect blog to follow for being nosey and taking tips from her daily routines.
  13. such a creative writer who is always flowing with fantastic ideas.
  14. thank you for all the skincare reviews and advice.
  15. come on a journey around the world with her.

Now I have been instructed to give 7 facts about myself… (probably not going to be interesting, I apologise in advance).

  1. My favourite foods include spaghetti bolognese, chicken katsu curry, tteokbokki, dak-galbi, british roast dinners, mandarin cheesecake, dark chocolate, lychees and chow mein.
  2. One of my favourite films is Grease, even though musicals most of the time irritate me.
  3. I am the oldest child, with a brother named Daniel who is a little over 3 years younger than me.
  4. Quite often I am called Em, even by people who I have only just begun a friendship with.
  5. My name was supposed to be May, but my Mum named me after her late friend instead. I would like to be called Emma-May.
  6. Before moving abroad I was a Teaching Assistant in a British primary school.
  7. I have OCD, things just need to be kept clean and tidy or I can’t function.

Rules of nominating and being nominated:

  • This one kind of goes without saying, post about you being nominated and who nominated you. Don’t forget to thank them πŸ™‚
  • Please include a list of 15 bloggers who you are inspired by and therefore would like to nominate.
  • Use a header image with the name of the awards.
  • Add 7 facts about yourself at free will.

Have fun nominating. I would also like to thank everyone who is reading and following my blog so far. We are a small group, but I really enjoy writing freely and feel honoured to receive such lovely comments.

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