Fashion Inspirations.

I don’t pay much attention to the latest trends or highlights from fashion weeks across the world. My motto is: if I like it, I like it. It doesn’t matter if other’s consider the garments in which I wear as fashionable or not. I know well which styles do and don’t work for me, I know which pieces to match together combined with the appropriate accessories. 

I thought I’d break my motto a little for the time being and experiment by looking for inspiration from the trends of this Autumn and Winter. Honestly most of the time I don’t like the fashion of famous designers. Alternatively I have been looking at everyday people, being aware of what others are wearing in public or on social media. 

  • Oversized jumpers  – I have always loved the cosiness of a large jumper, it’s like wearing your duvet as an outfit. I don’t think I will go overboard with this trend which seems to be ‘the bigger the better’. I’m only 5ft 2 inches tall, so being swamped by excessive drapes of fabric will make me look like a melting mashmallow. I have brought a few oversized jumpers this month from H&M: one being a sand coloured wool knit with a lose roll neck, the other a burgundy thick cotton and synthetic mixture that’s almost usual sized in the body and oversized in the sleeves. Koreans especially like the ‘puffy’ sleeve look, at first I thought it was unflattering, but from first-hand experience it’s very comfortable and accentuates the more dainty parts of a woman’s body i.e. waist, wrists, shoulders. I plan to pair these oversized jumpers with black skinny jeans or treggings.
    • Chelsea boots – I have worn this style of boot for quite a while and spent most of Summer waiting for Autumn to arrive just to wear them. The style this time round is suede Chelsea boots which has metallic detailing with a zip or metal trim around the heal or base. I haven’t seen any nice suede ones in Korea, but I have definitely seen that Primark and New Look are currently offering boots like these. For now I will be wearing some mid-tone brown leather boots which I got for Christmas last year from ASOS
    • A line Leather/fake leather/suedette skirts – These tie in well with oversized jumpers, they can be used for tucking the jumpers into: revealing the pockets of the skirt. I purposely brought a floral embroidered burgundy fake leather skirt from New Look back in June of this year; it’s a versatile piece for season transitions. Typically these skirts are on the shorter side, so if like me you don’t like mini skirts it’s best to try them on in the fitting rooms prior to purchase to check the length. Leather skirts tend to be clingy or ‘ride up’ if they don’t have a fabric lining, so also ensure they are well made with a lining or petticoat sewn underneath. Don’t forget to wear thicker tights! Primark do ‘weather proof’ ones which adjust to cold and hot temperatures, and they actually work. It wasn’t until temperatures hit the minus degrees that I felt the chilling breeze on my legs: they aren’t too thick so you can layer them when Winter comes. 
    • High-waisted, peg leg trousers – I’m all for the smart casual look. Peg leg trousers makes my hips look even bigger than they are, yet a high rising weight draws attention to the waist; covering or ‘sucking in’ the uneven proportions. In March I found the perfect black high-waisted peg leg trousers with a belt that can be tied as a front or side bow. I brought two pairs from New Look: an aubergine pair in addition to the black ones I just mentioned. They aren’t petite length, but somehow the fit perfectly (or maybe they are supposed to be three-quarter length *oh well*). Not only do they suit me well, and many other body types and sizes, they are very comfortable just like wearing thick loose pyjama bottoms outside. In the summer I wore them with plain or striped t-shirts tucked in with a boyfriend style cardigan for those breezy afternoons. I think they won’t go well with chunky winter jumpers, the whole outfit will hang on my body rather than highlight certain areas. I think combining them with a tight, long-sleeved thermal top with a long knit cardigan would be a great practical alternative. 

      3 responses to “Fashion Inspirations.”

      1. I love oversized jumpers!


      2. I don’t pay attention to trends either. I think, I don’t know, life is more than trends and why I must wear something just because is on trend?!
        I also don’t know about any designers because I think their clothes are so expensive and I understand why but for now I can’t afford it.
        I like what you choose, they are pretty items.

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        1. It seems like we think quite alike 😊

          Liked by 1 person

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