My favourite Korean Snacks.

Who doesn’t love snacks from different countries? Lately imported snacks and other junk foods in most countries are becoming easier to obtain. Some of the Korean snacks I’d like to recommend to you today are a mixture of common snack which you could most likely get at your local Asian supermarket or the Chinatown of your country. Some other snacks might be harder for you to find as they are newer to Korea; if you are interested, thesedays many websites offer snack subscription boxes which allows you to be buy a mixed collection of varies snacks based on the country or type of food you select. I heard that and are the most poplular for Japanese snacks.

  • Chocopie – This isn’t only loved by Koreans, but is a popular choice among tourists who want to bring home some treat from their travel to Korea. The original chocopie, made by several different brands, has a sponge like biscuit with marshmallow sandwiched in between and coated with chocolate. If you know what a Wagon Wheel is, it’s a similar to those. There is constantly limited edition and special editions of chocopie. Two of the current introductions are banana cream chocopie and orange chocolate chip chocopie. There as also been strawberry, match green tea and mochi versions. They are cheap, conveniently individually wrapped and can be found in UK supermarkets for less than 2.
    • Pepero – Koreans equivalent to Pocky and Mikado. Last week was peppero day in Korea and Pocky day in Japan, which can only be comparable to Valentines day. Couples, friends and close family exchange pepero and sometimes other sweets to show love or appreciation. After peppero day, any remaining pepero was discounted even if it is sold all year round. I was already familiar with the almond and original chocolate sticks, but tried out the coconut as well as cheese versions. The cheese flavour… not so authentic tasting.
    • Lotte Chic Choc Cookies – Probably one of the most inexpensive snacks available. They taste just like any other popular chocolate chip cookies, like Mayland or Fox’s, only exception is they are soft. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer a soft cookie to a dry crumbling one.
    • Melona – Melon flavoured ice-cream! Melon! So refreshing and sweet. I’m not entirely sure whether it’s cantaloupe melon or honeydew, though it’s got a non-artifical taste. They can be found in most Korean convenience stores, costly only 500οΏ¦0.88p/$1.17. Sorry to anyone not in Korea, this snack for obvious reasons can’t be purchased online.
    • Ghana chocolate – It’s the best brand to buy when you crave good tasting dark chocolate. It’s not exactly Lindtt, though it’s not far off from high quality considering is just one of those ‘cheapy’ chocolate bars that seem to be everywhere.
    • Nongshim Shrimp flavoured crackers – If you find chinese prawn crackers from your local Chinese takeaway as ‘moreish’ then you’ll enjoy shrimp crackers. These are one of the most common savory snacks, and have been around for years. They have been proven to be quite high in calories, yet having them once in a while isn’t going to hurt. Apart from ramen, these were one of the first Korean snack I ever tried. Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and TESCO sell them for around 0.89p in their imported foods aisles.
    • Calbee Honey Butter Chip: Maple Syrup Special Edition – It has probably been already two years since the craze of the honey butter chip began. So many packets of this sweet and savoury snack was sold, that convince stores and supermarkets sold out for weeks at a time. The factories couldn’t keep up with the production rates, underestimating it’s popularity upon release. Since then, other snacks have joined the honey butter range; including almonds, crackers and triangular shaped crisps/chips. This Autumn they released a Maple Syrup version, as Maple Syrup is a popular flavour in Korea and Japan around this time of year. If you can buy even the original Honey Butter Chips somewhere online, you won’t be disappointed by your choice.
    • Oh Gamja – Hollow cuboid potato tubes. The original flavour is good enough, yet they have milk honey, ketchup, gratin, barbecue dip and chilli. They are supposed to be themed around Italian cusine, honestly I don’t see the resemblance.
    • Orion Swing Chip Chilli – There isn’t exactly anything specially unique about these ridged crisps, I just really like the seasoning of the ‘hot’ flavour. It’s not like a pure chilli taste, mores like paprika or the sweetness of gochujang.

    5 thoughts on “My favourite Korean Snacks.

    1. I LOVE PEPPERO AS WELL! Actually, I love one flavour in particular: the oreo. The other ones are nothing special in my opinion, Mikados taste way better 😊
      I want to suggest you another snack, which is super hyper high in calories but it tastes heavenly good: ν—ˆλ‹ˆλ²„ν„°μ•„λͺ¬λ“œ, honey butter almond 😍


    2. Omg! This post is so.. hahaha! I can’t believe!
      Some days ago I found out about a Korean and Japanese shop what just opened in my city and I thought about it a lot. I’m so excited to go there and I really hope to find some of these items there.

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