My Current Skincare & Haircare Routines.

A second post in one day featuring skincare? I might have a slight obsession. What else can I say? I’m a simple person who is easily pleased. By no means do I have ‘perfect’ skin with completely gorgeous locks. These days I am starting to feel less depressed and confident about my appearance. I think with age I will become more comfortable within my own skin, just for now I am gradually happy about going out in public without base makeup and unstraightened hair. My skin is clear enough for me to feel fresh and healthy, and with limited amounts of product I’m not assamed to have naturally wavy hair. 
My routine…

  1. In the morning I wash my face with the Nature Republic Real Super Grain Foam Cleanser which I mentioned previously about only using for a short period of time as it is still a relatively new release. I haven’t had any breakouts since using it, and my face feels so much soother and plump. During my night routine my first skincare step is using the Japanese Biore Deep Cleansing Oil, followed a cleanser which caters to avoiding problematic skin i.e. the Shisedio-Senka Perfect Whip Cleanser. With either of these cleansers I use a soft face brush and a bubble net from The Face Shop, to create more foam.
  2. Unless it’s a face mask, I always rinse my face with cold water. It’s more refreshing, firms skin and keeps pores tightened. 
  3. If I have any spots I will use this stage to use a blackhead and spot popping removing tool. It’s alot more hygienic to use a tool rather than your nails. The tool extracts the core of a spot by applying pressure from all angles. It’s alot less painful to use thus making the chances of scaring less likely. It only takes a few seconds to eradicate a spot with the tool, whereas you could be digging at your face for 5 minutes when using your fingers/nails. 
  4. I ensure than I use a towel that is specifically used just for face drying to prevent bacteria or hand soap from a towel that has been used for hand drying, from contacting with my skin. 
  5. Moving onto lotions and potions. I basically steal my boyfriend’s Nature Republic Polynesia Lagoon Water (which I didn’t actually have to steal for months, because the other day he said we can share it). It’s like a thick viscosity toner, preparing the skin for applying moisturiser by neutralising the PH levels of skin which may have become more acidic from using face wash. 
  6. Next, I coat my skin with a thin layer of the Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea Seed Serum. It acts as a barrier between makeup and skin. 
  7. I additonally apply a fingertip sized amount of the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max the one for combination skin (Nature Republic should just sponsor me). 
  8. I wear SPF everyday to avoid premature aging. The sun can damage our skin even if its not summer, or a day with blazing temperatures. I’m using the Mamonde Calendula Everyday Suncream SPF 50+ PA+++. It’s unfortunately greasy so it best to use sparingly.
  9. Finally onto haircare. I don’t use anything fancy. I can use most haircare products without issues as long as they aren’t very oily. I am using the L’Orรฉal Elvive Smooth and Polish shampoo containing keratin and camellia extract for hair repair and maintaining hair’s strength. 
  10. I then use any Pantene conditoner on alternative days. I find using Conditioner everyday causes dandruff and oiliness. 
  11. I prefer to naturally dry my hair as much as possible; initially with a towel followed by air drying it until only a little dampness remains. 
  12. Using a Treseme hair dryer I dry my hair on the low heat setting for no longer than 3-5 minutes. I mainly only need the hairdryer to flatten flyaways and style my side fringe. 
  13. If my hair is frizzy, I use a drop (really just a drop, it’s sticky and oily) of the Mise-en-scene Perfect Repair hair serum. I highly recommend Mise-en-scene haircare for dry or unruly hair. 

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