Simple British Things I Miss.

As expected I would mainly miss my family and friends when moving abroad, I knew no one but my boyfriend. With time I am becoming less depressed and focused on the people who I don’t have physically with me; those whom of course I won’t forget, never. Thesedays as time approaches the festive season, I’ve realised a few simplistic things I won’t get to see this year.

Boxing Day – I’m still going to celebrate it as best as I can regardless of not being in a post common wealth country, but eating a meal of mash potatoes, pickled vegetables and cold meats from the Christmas Dinner the day before is a tradition which I haven’t failed to break before. I hope I can obtain certain ingredients online for making a Christmas dinner as authentic as possible. I’m quite sure I can’t get sage and onion stuffing mix, sausage meat or gravy granules from Korean supermarkets. Wish me luck on making my own Yorkshire puddings! I will accept to make a few adaptions or go without a few foods for my Christmas dinner, though a Christmas pudding with whipped cream is a must!

Reality television & Contest shows – I’m not totally naive. I am well informed that alot of reality TV shows are scripted and acted out. Programmes like I’m a Celebrity: Get me out of here! and Big Brother are absorbing: the challenges always cause arguments or look dangerous, so I’m going to have to be away from that drama for a while. Speaking of Dramas, I even miss the ‘cheesy’, usually poorly acted soap operas. Eastenders and Hollyoaks… ah, I would watch those religiously. I’m not great with technology so at some point I will get around to using my brother’s VPN for watching UK television; for now I will just have to see highlights on YouTube to avoid having to payout for online subscription services. I suppose watching The Chase or Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway: Don’t Just Watch The Ads section wasn’t going to broadern my intelligence level anyway, nothing more than ‘useless’ common knowledge.

British Supermarkets – Honestly we underappreciate our supermarkets. The forever ongoing price comparison competitions between companies are really doing us a massive favour. Indubitably shops across the world have ‘buy one get one free’ deals or brand discounts, just compared to the UK offers in large quantities are hard to comeby abroad. Think about it: how offensive do you see products for 1? – A load, right? Every week, UK supermarkets have at offers of all sorts on around 1000 products or more. I noticed in France, that alot of the time we were paying fall price for almost everything: I very rarely do that in Incheon or London. M&S sandwichs…*sigh*. Miss them.

Lollypop men and women – They do a great job. No one drives through a red light when a lollypop man or woman helps you to cross a road. In Korea drivers seem to think they own the roads, there’s no courtesy of pedestrians safety being a priority. Triple glancing in all directions is a basic duty wherever you are in the world, just in Korea I feel more hesitant before travelling across streets as there isn’t enough ‘green light’ crossings about, plus the waiting time for pedestrian crossings to change are somewhat ridiculously prolonged intervals.

British foods – I’m evidently a foodie, so there is alot of British food that I miss. I’m just going to list them while I invison a feast of them appearing before my eyes: cornish pasties, sausage rolls (particularly Gregg’s ones), Sunday roast dinners, sausages and mash, chicken and vegetable pies, shepard’s pie, Terry’s chocolate orange, Innocent smoothies, Wall’s ice creams, Hartley’s jelly, CRUMPETS, Marmite, potato salad, tiger bread, chicken and mushroom Pot noodle, pick n mix, english muffins, GRAVY, minced pies, batternberg cake, Tottenham cake, eggs custard tarts, Rivita rye crackers, 99p ice creams from the ice-cream van and WALKER’S CRISPS.

Trips to Central London – Over the past few years my brother, his girlfriend and I have taken trips from South-East London to Central London, Covert Garden and Chinatown. It was great to once in a while escape the familiar surroundings of the towns I had grown up in. We would shop around without buying much; just experiencing new foods, indulging in our favourite snacks or cuisines or buying cute stationery. We almost always went to CuppaCha which is a Chinese bubble tea place, Oriental Delight which sells Asian snacks, museums, ShakeShack, Lola’s Cupcakes and I found a Brandy Melville shop in Covent Garden (there isn’t may of them in England).

Superdrug & Boots – Korea has great drugstores too: OliveYoung and Watson’s. Just I remember going to Superdrug and Boots each week and finding great 3for2 deals on makeup, and whenever I needed to repurchase skincare products Superdrug always has our backs with those generous discounts and their Beauty card points reward system.

4 thoughts on “Simple British Things I Miss.

  1. Thank you so much for this delightful post! I do hope you are able to find your home comforts at your current location. I merely hope to experience your home comforts someday in the future! Of the food you listed, I know one or two of those items sold here in the USA. I shall look for the others.

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  2. Ah…crumpets! I shall toast you as I toast some. Just because. (Its snowing here.) If you can make batter then you can do Yorkshire puddings (little ones) in the little tins that Mr Kipling style cakes come in if you dont have a tray? (Assuming such things can be found in SK?)
    Don’t forget that Boots/Superdrug turn into scenes of near violence and unpremeditated murder at this time of year, especially if there is a ‘must have’ item in stock.
    You send noodles, I’ll send you a sandwich!


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