Life with a Kitten.

A few weeks ago I vaguely mentioned my new pet kitten named Aki. She has been a wonderful introduction to our lives so it was guaranteed that I’d write about her in more detail.

My boyfriend and I had repeatedly discussed of owning pets, particularly a cat and a Malamute. For now our current residence is too small for a large dog; besides if we could have a dog we’d have to pay a hefty fine to the apartment block’s management for raising a dog. We managed to find a few free kittens on a website specifically for rehoming cats. Initially we were going to adopt a ginger kitten of three months old, though upon seeing Aki’s photograph we arranged to meet her owner instead of the other. Unfortunately, Aki’s previous two owners couldn’t provide the time and appropriate environments for her. We are her third family, which is alot considering she was only two months old at that time. 

It was quite a challenge to transport around the subway system. The previous owner didn’t have a carrier and literally handed her too us in a cardboard box which additionally contained her litter sand. It was the start of cold weather and unsafe to carry her in a open box, so I had to use a unzipped holdall bag with my scarf wrapped around her to get her too her new home. 

For the first two days, as expected, she cried alot and hid under the sofa; sleeping behind our piano. I eventually was able to coax her out of her chosen places of protection with some food and toys. She was overall hesitant. It took the full two days just to encourage her to play in close proximity to use, eventually allowing us to handle her. The past owner was seems quite in urgency to give her to us, so we had no time to buy pet supplies until diretly after getting her to our apartment. 

At first she didn’t sleep in her designated sleeping area beside our bed, preferring to sleep under the covers of our bed snuggled next to the warmth of my body. One very noticeable thing that stood out, was that she was very scared of going down the staircase. She was competent enough to climb up the stairs with ease, on the other hand going downstairs frightened her to the point where her cries sounded like panicing; it wasn’t until this week that we have overcome this hurdle by training her to get down the stairs independently. Finally, no more having to carry her up and down floors or toilet training accidents as she can access the litter tray with little effort. If you ever have same problem with your kitten, the best way to solve this issue is by using food as a bribe, or physically walking the kitten down the stairs one step at a time with you behind or in front of them for reassurance. Repeat the process as many times as necessary. It took about 10 attempts for Aki to learn how to use the stairs correctly. It seems pathetic, but I had that proud owner feeling when she walked down the stairs without fuss for the first time. 

As time goes on her personality is revealing. She is immensely vocal, I was hoping that this is just a kitten’s tenancy as they are quite reliant on assistance and attention at this age; however I think she simply might be a noisy cat. She is also very clusmy. I considered perhaps something was wrong with her eyesight as she is always running into objects, though it seems more like a matter of her overexcitedness and adjustment to her new surroundings. 

One day I discovered a small cut above her right eye. It didn’t look fresh, so I guessed she had ran into some furniture again during the night. It wasn’t bleeding or predominantly red, so I didn’t notice it at first until her fur parted whilst I stroked her. The cut seemed to heal rapidly enough without the need for any professional treatment, until it suddenly became swollen and dry looking. She was losing fur on her eyelid. We took her too the vet, finding out that she had a skin infection. The vet couldn’t distinguish by physical examination what the cause of the infection was. I knew we hadn’t neglected her and care for her well, so I couldn’t understand where she had circum to a skin condition like it. Apparently it’s common for kittens to be affected by skin irrations, they are still learning to groom themselves well and they may have allergies to the new foods and scents around them which they come into contact with for the first time. 

I have watched alot of veterinary programmes so I was able to predict her treatment, no steroid ointments due to her young age. A steroid cream would induce a speeder recovery, though we had to settle for a antibacterial rinse, some standard eyedrops for irritation an inflammation and a cream which I’m confident is Aqueous cream (commonly used as an Eczema treatment). She is recovering well, and I think having to provide medical care for her has help us to bond with her as she is having to trust us regularly with handling her gently to apply her ointments. 

I’m looking forward to our future with Aki, and will try to remember to keep you updated for anyone who is interested. I often post photos and videos of her on my Instagram, so if you want to you may take a look: . 

8 thoughts on “Life with a Kitten.

  1. Poor kitty her life has been a tragic one. I’m glad she found someone to take care and love her. 😖

    You should check out /kittenlady on IG, her feed is really informative regarding kitten immediate care in case you encounter problems in the future (hopefully not!!).

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  2. Sounds like Aki has been through some rough times, but she is so darn lucky to have you and your partner as owners!! Aki is so adorable!! I look forward to reading future posts about her. ^^

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