Did I achieve my November Goals?

Honestly… I failed alot of the targets I set out for myself in my ‘To-do-list’: My Goals for November post which I wrote towards the start of this month. I don’t feel totally ashamed of not doing entirely well with following my plans as I have been keeping busy and the most important goal I have reached or am on my way to achieving. Things take time, so I shouldn’t limit myself to one month for reaching what I have set out.

My first goal of exercising for at least one hour per day has been one of the things I can be a little proud of. I haven’t managed to exercise for a full hour, though I am gradually adding more time to my excercise routine working on stamina. The original plan was to play badminton for 45 minutes plus before doing core exercises at home. The weather in Incheon declined to low temperatures more quickly than I anticipated, so badminton isn’t ideal for this time of year. Alternatively I have been doing oxygen excercise by jogging on a spot for 30-40 minutes without pausing, followed by sit-ups using some form of hanging apparatus (-pardon me for not knowing the technical name). I did have a few ‘no exercise’ days due to not feeling well, but I have somehow managed to already convert some fat into muscle (once again, not sure that that’s scienfically possible; anyway you know what I mean). I will gladly continue this new habit, hopefully keeping things interesting and possitively affective by making a few adjustments to the routine once in a while.

Another goal of mine was to decorate my apartment with plants or flowers: I half achieved this. We brought bunches of dried flowers. They are delicate, lasting for up to three years. When I remember to do so, I think I will purchase a Poinsettia for the festive season.

The third plan was to buy some Autumn/Winter clothes. I still don’t think I have enough trousers, prehaps rotating the same three pairs (with washes in between of course). I did however find a few jumpers in H&M which I mentioned at some stage. H&M also do some lovely, soft scarves this year. A few days ago I brought a extra long, thick burgundy one from their Times Square store in Seoul. Considering the quality it is underpriced. It suits well with most, if not all, dark and earthy toned clothing. 

I completely failed the fourth goal of using body moisturiser each and everyday. What can I say? My skin isn’t dry, and it’s not visable like my face so it’s not a priority. I think I will carry over this target to December… my bad.

Ah no. Whilst writing this I realised I failed another goal. I’m not going to be too critical of myself, it was just the small plan to drink more coffee (only once a day may I add) for keeping my brain stimulated. I suppose it’s not so bad as I have replaced coffee with green tea. Okay okay, and a few Hershey’s caramel hot chocolates here and there. 

I’ve procrastinated, but not been lazy. Apart from the goals I completely failed to even attempt, I need more time to reach them or they are ongoing. I still think it’s good for mental health to set yourself targets even if not all are fulfilled within limited time. So what? I failed. Doesn’t mean I am a failure or will always fail. 

So what’s the plan for December? Last night I spontaneously decided to jump on the train of BLOGMAS! I have been writing almost everyday this month so it shouldn’t be hard to write everyday of December either. The majority of my Blogmas posts, in true fashion, will be Christmas and holiday themed; somedays will be about my week long trip to Osaka which may also include festivities. In order to upload one post for Blogmas per day, without sacrificing my free time to explore Japan, is to write and store some posts in advance. Currently I’m trying to be all ‘pro-fess-ion-al’ by handwriting a list of Blogmas ideas. This could take sometime. Good luck to anyone else who will be participating in Blogmas; I look forward to your articles. Not long now! *eek*

2 thoughts on “Did I achieve my November Goals?

  1. You’ve blogged a lot, so I think that counts as something to be proud of! Reading your posts make me want to type longer posts on my own blog haha. πŸ™‚


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