[Blogmas] Day 2: Most Popular Christmas Candles.

Just because it’s nearly Christmas I doesn’t mean these candles are solely for the people you want to give a gift to. Treat yourself before your new year’s resolution of saving money kicks in. Cloud your bedroom or home in the aromas of spices or peppermint. 

Village Candle ‘Gingerbread house’ candle (large jar cost $14.75)- No offense, and I might be mistaken, but this brand looks like a remake or dupe for Yankee Candles. The jar and font is vary comparable. Nevertheless, who wouldn’t want their home smelling alike a Gingerbread house. It’s all well having a prettily, delicately decorated gingerbread house displayed in your home but it’s stressful to construct and editable (meaning you will want to nibble it after a few days of deterring yourself not to). Besides, it’s much more acceptable to sniff the air in search of a candle’s aroma rather than hover above an actual gingerbread house inhaling it’s fragrance.

Bath & Body Works ‘Twisted Peppermint’ ($14.50) – This soy wax 3-wick candle is infused with cooling peppermint, vanilla buttercream, balsam, a hint of musk and ‘sugared snow’ (whatever that is it sound delightful). They are currently selling it on their website with 40% discount off of its original price. Many of the Bath & Body Works Christmas Candles have little phrases print on their glass, such as ‘let it snow, let it snow, let is snow’. 

Molton Brown ‘Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp pine’ (price not exactly know)- Molton Brown are a luxury candle company who produce their candles in England. This particular candle from their Christmas collection is allegedly inspired by the snowy mountains of Sweden. The two other equally appreciated Christmas Candles are name ‘Festive Frankincense & Allspice’ & ‘Vintage 2016 with Elderflower’. All three can be brought in a set. I can’t access any of the brands website from Korea to be able to inform you of their price; I did however find some on Ebay (if they are the ‘real deal’) for roughly on average £37 per candle.  

John Lewis ‘Winter Spice Inclusion’ (£17.00) – One of the most beautiful, natural looking candles you’ll ever see, and considering John Lewis can be a tad pricey this isn’t as expensive as I expected. I hope to find something similar outside of the UK. It contains whole slices of zesty dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, cloves, exotic spices and low notes of sandalwood.

Neom Organics ‘Christmas Wish’ (small pot costs £30) – The candle I mentioned prior to this looks like a cosy wooland, whereas this one is contained within a transparent glass, with the outlines of classic American style homes in rose gold leafing. The candle itself is said to smell of secret blend of 13 oils some of which are revealed as mandarin, cinnamon and tonka beans. It is made from 100% vegetable wax. An air mist can be brought alongside the candle in a gif set. 

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