[Blogmas] Day 8: [Q&A] – Christmas Edition.

Q – What do I do for Christmas?

A – Usually on Christmas day I would stay at home opening presents from my parent’s and brother in the morning. Around 2 o’clock I’d have a traditional British Christmas Dinner which is mainly prepared by my Mum; although my Dad and I do our best to help as much a possible (usually I am on stuffing and brussel sproat duty). Around 5pm/6pm my Grandad and Great-auntie come around for several hours for exchanging gifts, playing games and filling ourselves with snacks and other nibbles. This year I’m spending the festive holiday in South Korea, and honestly I still have no idea how exactly I will spend that day and Boxing Day.

Q – What was your favourite gift you ever received?

A – I had to ask my Mum about this question as I couldn’t recall which was my favourite Christmas gift; only my favourite birthday gift of all time. Apparently my favourite gift was a doll castle which for some reason had a spinning dancefloor.

Q – Do I like giving or receiving presents more?

A – Of course being presented with a gift that someone has specially selected just for you is a lovely gesture; as long as they don’t overly spend their money, that just makes me feel guilty. However I do prefer giving presents. Infact I prefer Christmas to my own birthday, because Christmas is a celebration for everyone. I’d rather share the happiness than have all the attention directed towards me. 

Q – When do you display your Christmas decorations?

A – Back at my parent’s home we would usually decorate as near as the beginning of December as possible; most conveniently over the course of the first weekend of December. I was in charge of the tree: everyone else found it frustrating to do. This year I placed my decorations during late November, so that we could enjoy them as much as we could before visiting Osaka, Japan. Apparently Christmas isn’t technically over until the 6th of January, but we take down our decorations on new year’s day or the 2nd of January.

Q – What is your Christmas day meal?

A – My Christmas day lunch usually includes roast chicken (everyone else usually has beef or pork), a few miniature sausages, Brussel sproats, carrots mixed with swede and butter, goose fat roast potatoes, honey glazed parsnips, sage and onion stuffing mixed with sausage meat (the best part of the meal), gravy and a Yorkshire pudding. For dessert I will either have Christmas pudding or a hot mince pie with spray cream. This year I left it as bit late to buy online the ingredients for a Christmas dinner which I know I can’t obtain from a Korean supermarket; and honestly I think it would work out too expensive. Nearer the day I will decide on something to prepare as an alternative meal. 

Q – How do you spend Boxing Day?

A – During my childhood and throughout almost all of my adolescent years we would go to my Nan and Grandad’s home. My great-auntie, cousin and Uncle would also come join us. Fitting 9 people in a small living room was quite a struggle but we had plenty of fun. Thesedays we either spend boxing day relaxing, watching films and enjoying the presents from the previous day or sometimes family would come to my parent’s home again alike the day before. For Boxing Day lunch/dinner we meat leftover meats from the day before (usually served cold); we accompany these with salad cream on the meats, mashed potatoes, gravy and an assortment of pickled vegetables i.e. gherkins (pickles), pickled onion, pickled red cabbage, piccalilli (a mixture of English mustard, gherkins, onions and calliflower). For pudding I have some form of a Christmas themed cake or ice-cream or some Lebkutchen (a German biscuit/cake, it’s spiced yet sweet from icing sugar).

 Q – Have you had a Miserable Christmas?

A – Yes, unfortunately. Back in late 2012 my Nan was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. During the lead up to Christmas, Christmas day and Boxing day she spent the holidays in a care centre. What was quite saddening was that her birthday was one Christmas Eve. Of course we visited her during those special days, just having to leave her to spend most of Christmas night alone was hard to deal with. It was her last Christmas and birthday, as she past away one week into the new year. 

Q – What is your all-time favourite holiday food or treat?

A – How am I supposed to give one answer!? I love stuffing, cheeslets, celebration chocolates, twiglets, mixed nuts, pretzel mix and I’m sure there are many other savoury snacks I have forgotten to mention.

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