[Blogmas] Day 10: Last Minute Secret Santa Gifts.

Giving secret santa gifts can be a dreaded workplace tradition. Apparently it’s not good enough to constantly buy alcohol, chocolates and toiletry sets each year for your secret santa. When there is a budget, typically of £5-£10, it can be difficult to buy a half decent well appreciated gift for a colleague who you might not know well or at all.

The joke mug: I was somewhat unlucky with the name I pulled out from the secret santa envelope last year at the school I worked at. I pulled out the name of one of my bosses: the headteacher/headmistress. I brought her a mug with ‘We did Secret Santa at work and all I got was this **** mug” printed on it. I know what you are thinking: ‘a mug with a swear word on it for your boss!?’ Trust me, she loved openly making adult jokes in the staffroom. I filled the mug with some chocolates and a miniture bottle of Echo Falls Rose wine that would be enough to fill one wine glass (or the mug).

Make a cake baking hamper: this is great for those colleagues who always bring baked goods to work parties and events or to the staffroom lunch table. Take a regular cardboard box and glue wrapping paper to all the sides and lid then fill it with: shredded tissue paper for decoration, cupcake or muffin paper cases, sprinkles, icing pens, cake decorations, blocks of premade rollable icing, cake mixture kits and flavourings or food dyes.

Ice-cream sundae kit: This is similar to the previous secret santa gift suggestion. Get your mittens on a cheap cardboard box or get a woven basket from a charity shop and fill it with an ice-cream sundae glass (which you can get in a pound/dollar store or inexpensively at a supermarket), some sprinkles, a sachet of popping candy, a few pots of miniature jam and candyfloss. Obviously you can’t provide the ice-cream so a funny apology note on that part will add to the uniqueness of the gift.

Movie night in: Take a cheap plastic storage box (without it’s lid) or a cardboard popcorn box from a cinema. Fill the container with a bag of popcorn or microwaveable popcorn, a box of small sweets like Skittles or M&Ms, some pick-n-mix sweets and one or two can’s of fizzy drink or alcohol. You can also put a dvd in the box if your budget can stretch far enough to provide one. Wrap the ‘movie night in’ kit in wrapping paper with some ribbon and a bow.

Bathtime relaxation set: By now you can see the theme of most of the secret santa gifts featured in this post. Make a set including an aroma candle, a book (that’s not about a depressing subject), a bath bomb and a small bottle of wine. I think people will love to have a gift like this to use after a long day at work or over the course their holiday away from work.

If you choose to give a themed kit as a present make sure to write a small description of what it is in the card (signed anonymously) that you attach or put inside the wrappings of the gift: unfortunately not everyone catches onto creative ideas so easily as others so a note in essential.

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