[Blogmas] Day 12: How is Christmas Celebrated in South Korea?

Around half of South Korea’s population are Christians, so attending a church service on Christmas Day is usually the only traditon upheld by citizens. However due to Korea’s connection with The United States of America and the last few generations being fascinated by western cultures, some Koreans have adopted Christmas celebrations from outside of Asia including the celebrations of Easter and Halloween.

In the English speaking countries, i.e. the UK, America, Canada and Australia as well as the majority of other countries, Christmas isn’t just about the birth of Christ and moreso about family and close friends coming together for giving and ensuring that everyone is happy and not lonely. Among Koreans who wish to celebrate Christmas as similarly as possible to westerners, it is more of an occasion for couples rather than for family. Typically couples in Korea will go out to a restaurant together, relax at home as a pair, go to the cinema, go to an amusement park and just generally doing fun or entertaining things together.

If a korean couple don’t celebrate some duration of the festive period together, then quite often onlookers of people around then will consider them to not be in a serious relationship like skipping Valentines day and occasions of that nature. Some Koreans prefer to spend Christmas day alike Japanese people who eat fried chicken and some form of a cream cake with strawberries (may I say that sounds like an amazing tradition that I didn’t expect).

As I have shown before in my blog their are plenty of Christmas lights illuminating the most populated areas of Korea and shops sell decorations in their homeware sections, but other than that their isn’t many specific non-religious traditions. Like I said in another Blogmas post I’m still not entirely sure what I will do for actual Christmas day or Boxing day. At least I will experience the festivities of Osaka and I may revisit Lotte World (an amusement park); just not on Christmas day as it will be packed with couples and some tourists.

I’m interested to know how you celebrate Christmas in your family or country so feel free to let me know in the comments 🙂

3 thoughts on “[Blogmas] Day 12: How is Christmas Celebrated in South Korea?

  1. Ahh, that’s interesting. It seems the Japanese also celebrate Christmas similarly from what my teacher’s told me. It’s nice to learn new things about different countries ^_^

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    1. Christmas, where I live at least, isn’t the hugest celebration but it’s done nonetheless, mostly by Christians and some of the more “trendy” people I suppose? Like the Christians celebrate it with family, church, etc. but the others just use it as an excuse to party or go clubbing lol
      The traditional non-Christian older generations don’t really do much as far as celebrating goes but there are lovely decorations in malls, and also schools celebrate Christmas, haha.


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