How I Feel About The Year I was Born In.

Being born in 1995 categorises people born within that year in the same age group as people who were born in the late 80’s and early 90’s as well as with the millenials. Born into the very middle of the 90’s decade has it’s pros and cons. Sometimes I feel like people who were born around this year struggle with expectations that are set out for them; whether this be through society, pressure from family members and friends, social media or education systems. I have found myself unnecessarily torn and conflicted with thought between being ‘grown-up’ and responsible as well as slowing things down to take time to achieve or experience certain life events, or as some like to say ‘findings oneself’.

I’m not insinuating that I am of an age to be giving my readers an insightful, wise summary of how to cope with life; I just believe I have realised a few things during the course of 2017 that will guide me past the start of my ‘journey’ and onwards into my later years. If I was to ever be asked the question of ‘Which one piece of advice would you give to someone younger than you or to someone who needs guidance?’. To that question I would give the answer, as cliche as it is: be yourself. 

We can all change, adapting negative points about ourselves. Afterall learning is a life long process, and aspects in the paths of our life will have an impact on your personalities and behaviours. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others physically or mentally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being yourself: if anyone tells you otherwise that is an acceptable moment to be childish for trying to block out their words. 

We can live with other people, aiding them through struggles and accompany them as companions until our days hault. Just remember you don’t live just for other. Primarily you live for yourself: meaning no one can control you. If someone obsessively attempts to hold you under their commands it’s usually because of issues they have/had within their own lives; such as not achieving something they wanted to do so they try to live vicariously through you. 

One final important statement I would like to make is do not mistake all expectations as malicious negativities. People close to us simply repeatively strive to wish the best for you. For example, your mother may insist for you to have children when you don’t want to; she just wants you to be happy raising a child just like she did. Your partner may insist you to go back into employment or study at home: that might not all about income, he/she just wants you to feel confident and broaden your knowledge or skills.

Don’t be afraid to move into 2018 as you.

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