[Skincare]: My Winter Routine. 

I’m quite sure it wasn’t all too long ago since I uploaded a post detailing the products I use for my daily skincare. I also often write about new beauty products I have purchased, reviewing a select few. This time round I have purposely not mentioned the new cosmetics in which I’m using, I will only discuss and do mini reviews in this post for the products that are totally new to me so not as so bore you or or repeat myself.

Step 1: I am continuing to use the Kose Softymo more Deep Cleansing Oil on days when I wear makeup as it fully eradicates all traces of makeup and sebum. On days where I haven’t worn makeup and I have cleansed during an afternoon shower, I will end the day by using the Nature Republic City care Marine wipes. I don’t particularly like face wipes, they are refreshing but don’t remove makeup as well as an oil or balm. The only reason why I have encorparated facial wipes into my daily routine, is because shops in Korea love to give them as free gifts and I have accumulated a few different types!

Step 2: Face Wash – I’m attempting to finish off a travel sized tube of the Innisfree Jeju Sparkling foam cleanser which I took on my trip to Osaka last week. The texture and scent is very typical of most Korean and Japanese foam face washes. Apart from not being extra foamy I’d say it is most comparable to my beloved Senka-Shisedio Perfect Whip Foam Cleanser. I have had a few breakouts, though I can’t be entirely sure whether this is too the fault of the cleanser or just a result of my skin’s change over cycle adapting to the change in most of my skincare and makeup products. There are plenty of other foam cleansers on the market which fulfil more purposes than this one for a lower price, but if you like other products from this range you might be interested in trying the product. I find that using a soft bristle brush really helps the foam to get into clogged pores.

Step 3: Face scrub, mask or chemical exfoliator – I use a homemade face scrub twice a week made from brown sugar and a little lemon juice. I use it in the shower as the steam in my shower booth allows pores to expand in size. It additionally doubles as a sufficient body exfoliator. A relatively new product which I have only used once so far is The Face shop Jeju Volcanic Lava self-healing clay mask. Usually clay masks are quite thick and have to fully dry before at least 15 minutes before they can my rinsed off, warm water only does the trick. This Volcanic lava is more like a semi-transparent gel that doesn’t heat up that much at all. Despite not claiming to do exactly as it’s packaging indicates, it works very well on cleansing the pores of my nose. It has a silicone brush for application and usage. I truely think that without the brush the product wouldn’t budge as much from skin as I’d like it to.

Step 4: Toner – This time round it was my boyfriend who decided to explore Nature Republic’s online sale (see, I’m not the only one who loves the brand). He came across their anti-aging Greenteniol Multi-toner which doesn’t occasionally have a discounted price. Green tea does wonders for my skin, the natural antioxidants of the tea never fails to heal my skin within a few days. If you do realise the importance of a toner (sensitive and acne prone skin types, yes I am talking to you) I highly suggest green tea toners. Garnier make one that costs the same as a coffee at Starbucks.

Step 5 – Serum, essence/ampoule or oil – Just in time for my holiday I received a little sample bottle of the Nature Republic collagen dream 90 skin booster. It doesn’t claim to be a Serum but it does have that watery, slightly tacky texture that rich ampoules have. The most identifiable difference is that my skin feels plumper, or course not in a weight gain way; simply sustaining skin’s elasticity.

Step 6: Moisturiser – I think this one will stay the same for as long as possible. As mentioned around hundred times before I use the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max moisturiser for combination skin. It’s one of the best selling gel type face creams in Korea and rightfully so.

Step 7: Emulsion – Alongside the toner we brought the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max White C Waterfall Emulsion (why do skincare and makeup products have such long names?). I use an emulsion because it’s thinner than moisturiser and lotion, it best to use 2 out of the three i.e. moisturiser, lotion and emulsion. Laying thin layers of different products helps hydration last longer whereas one layer soaks into skin too fast and one thick layer of the same product could make skin too greasy or oily.

2 responses to “[Skincare]: My Winter Routine. ”

  1. Woooow! This is a lot, in a good way, of course.
    I don’t have any skincare routine but I think I need to make one because my face tend to break because of the cold weather.
    Thanks for sharing your tips and routine! xx
    Have a wonderful holiday!

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    1. Glad I may have helped you in some way. Wish you a great holiday too 😊

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