[Blogmas] Day 25: A Trip to Osaka, Japan – 19/12/17

The events of our holiday unravelled, replaying in my mind as we woke up with heavy eyes. We slept quite late as we much rather preferred spending as much of our last hours in Osaka with friends as apposed to getting plenty of sleep before dawn: our flight being around 11am.

Thankfully we passed through check-in, and some other compulsory stages which ostensibly are added to the ‘airport routine’ each time I travel abroad. Neither of us were particularly hungry, although thinking ahead we knew it would be quite some hours until we could eat if we missed this opportunity; regardless of our flight duration being relatively minimal. One of the simplist options that doesn’t require much hesitation over the menu was McDonald’s. In a way I have a rule or ‘tradition’ of tasting McDonald’s in every country I visit.

Regrettably I didn’t put much thought into my order. They were still serving breakfast items, with the exception of a couple of burgers which were a cross between breakfast and lunch/dinner foods. I have no recollection of the burger being particularly scrumptious or unique; basically I was too tired to concentrate on enjoying the flavours. One thing was evident: nothing beats a good old hash brown.

In due course we headed toward our departure gate: straying off to a duty free shop to purchase some last minute gifts for ourselves, friends and family. How could we leave Japan without buying Tokyo Banana!? If you have just said to yourself ‘what the fudge is she talking about?’ – Tokyo Banana is a highly popular sponge cake snack filled with cream made from actual bananas. Aside from KitKats, Royce chocolate and green tea, Tokyo Banana is one of the top five souvenirs for tourists to bring back from Japan. It is a little pricy mainly due to the particular ingredients they use in addition to the specific preparation techniques, but when ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities arise we should take the chance.

The weather was most shockingly different when we landed back in Korea. It had snowed whilst we were away and 10 degrees lower than in Osaka. First of all we collected Aki from the family member who kindly cared for her whilst we weren’t present. She greeted us with hyperactivity: that was much appreciated as we missed her terribly.

The remainder of that day was a blur. I’m only confident on remembering the part about not bothering to unpack the entire contents of my suitcase right away. Oh, and we stuffed out faces at a sushi buffet as we didn’t feel like cooking anything. Such fun!

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