[Vegetarian]: 5 Tasty Snacks

Welcome fellow bloggers (- of course people who don’t write their own blogs are equally as welcome). It’s been a while since I published a post themed around food, which doesn’t make sense as I frequently (- perhaps a little too frequently) post photos of food on my Instagram account.

Today, I thought I’d recommend some Vegetarian snacks. Some are shop brought & some require partial home preparation (- or staff room preparation if that’s where you are. Just please prepare your snacks in an appropriate place. Not in public areas; I feel like I needed to mention that as these days there are some strange people out there.).

I am not a Vegetarian nor a Vegan, however I’m not much of a ‘meat eater’. I’d prefer simple carrot sticks with sour cream & chive dip any day, rather than a bland ham sandwich.

Here are 4 tasty snacks; all of which are suitable for vegetarians:

‘Nakd’ Salted caramel fruit & nut nibbles: These don’t exactly look appetizing as they’re basically tiny, brown, bite-sized pieces of compacted wholefoods. However, they are a yummy hybrid of a sweet and salty snack. Additionally they’re wheat, dairy and gluten free as well as 100% Vegan & ‘1 of your 5 a day’. Eat it on it’s own or add them to granola/muesli.

Banana & peanut butter on unflavoured, unsalted rice cakes: A filling snack that provides plenty of energy due to it’s good levels of potassium & protein, is inexpensive, quick & easy to prepare.

Mozzarella & sliced tomatoes on bruschetta/baguette: This is a cheese and tomato combination on another level. These two ingredients taste more delicious when placed on Italian or French breads then toasted underneath a grill; sprinkle a little salt and pepper & fresh basil leaves if you have some to hand. Voilà, a warm snack with fresh ingredients.

Kellogg’s Elevenses Nutri-Grain breakfast bakes: The raisin ones are particularly good. It’s like eating a soft, spiced sponge cake; which is perfect if you are on a diet because they are low calorie & not actually a cake. Yay1

Sour Cream And Chive Dip with Homemade Paprika Tortilla Chips: This is as straightforward as cutting a tortilla wrap into triangles before placing them onto a baking tray that has been lined with baking parchment. Ensure the chips don’t touch each other. Sprinkle paprika and rock salt onto both sides of the chips .Bake at 175 degrees c, for 6 minutes on each side, using tongs is easiliest. Serve will cool sour cream and chive dip.

3 responses to “[Vegetarian]: 5 Tasty Snacks”

  1. I’m trying vegetarianism next year so this is really helpful! I’ll definitely try some ☺️

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  2. Ohhh everything sounds so good! I’m hungry!
    Also I can recommend you apple slices with peanut butter and Nutella on them! I think this is like the beeeeest thing ever. Xx



    1. Haven’t tried that yet. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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