[2017]: The Last Few Days.

So the inevitable new year’s eve of 2017 has finally come. Typically the last few days of a year brings an overwhelming urge to spend the remaining days wisely after reflecting on whether on not we have had a progressive year. On the other hand some (including myself) procrastinate whilst simultaneously justifying their choice to eat well and relax on this day. I somehow have suprised myself by arriving to my desk to write this blog: that’s productive enough for this suggestively ‘special’ day. 

Before I recall what I did during the final week of this year, I want to say one thing no matter how clique it may be. It’s perfectly normal to feel depressed or be blue during new year’s eve/day. In order to fulfil the goals we’ve set ourselves we have to determine which stage we currently are in achieving our hopes and dreams. If your overview of 2017 wasn’t so positive, it means you are still climbing your way to where you want to be in life: that’s absolutely fine. Besides, another year over resembles your step closer to positive moments plus it means you have survived through a rollercoaster of ups and downs through the duration of previous years as well as 2017.


On a lighter note, this is what I got up to this week. Truthfully I didn’t do anything special, sorry to disappointment you, but I was happy in these moments so that’s what is of significance. 

Friday 29th December 

I love to sit in cafés either in my own company and moreso with my partner. I particularly find it easy to feel comfortable in cafés which have yellow tinted lighting features, dried flowers as decoration and padded armchairs. My favourite place to sit is near the window (with the exception of cafés that are on the ground floor), especially if it faces a busy street enabling me to watch my surroundings pass by without having to be facing forward to other customers. This day was the first time that I had taken my tablet and keyboard along with me: contently writing and reading with an iced Lotus Biscoff biscuit latte at hand. As long as the cafe I chose isn’t too crowded and the music isn’t blasting too loud or of an ill-fitting genre, I’m confident that I could regularly write my posts in this type of environment instead of always being confined to my apartment.

After meeting me in an Angel-in-Us cafe, my boyfriend and I headed to Hongdae: this area of Seoul is supposedly where I belong in terms of social activities. Hongdae mainly consists of restaurants, cafés, pubs and clubs popular among foreigners and young adults in Korea. I most certainly am not the partying type of person, so I only like Hongdae for its shops and dessert cafés. Other than the types of people Hongdae can attract, I dislike the drivers who drive around the district. I am well aware that I sound like an elderly lady who doesn’t like the modern generation, but if you have ever been to this part of South Korea you can sympathise with my frustration. Clearly some streets of Hongdae are too narrow for vehicles, yet somehow there isn’t a ‘pedestrians only’ restriction. It’s quite dangerous and can ruin the atmosphere considering it’s an area in which people go for enjoying their free time or holiday. Nevertheless at long last I went to Osulloc – a franchise which specialise in desserts and beverages made from Green tea and Hallabong sourced from the tranquil Jeju Island. 

Much later into the evening we once again attended a meal at the pork cutlet/Italian restaurant I have featured countless times on my blog. I have literally tasted all of the cutlet dishes on their menu! – Is this an achievement or proof that my diet plan needs to be resurrected? 

Saturday 30th December 

I woke up very late, not going to mention the exact time as it’s slightly embarrassing; though in all fairness I had a busy previous day with a start at 7:30 and I didn’t go to sleep until 3am (I’m one of those insomniac weirdos, congrats to me). I’m going off on a tangent… 

Nothing exceptionally unique happened yesterday. I simply completed chores. What? We all can’t be adventurous socialites. The highlight of my day, well night, was stuffing myself with various types of fried chicken. Despite Ho Chicken being my one of my favourite fried chicken franchises in Korea, I have never taken the time to take an ‘blogable’ photo of the deliciousness in all it’s glory. 

From left to right let’s observe the tender, crispy coated boneless chicken. Mmmm… Soy sauce chicken topped with ringlets of white onion, original recipe fried chicken with puffed fried rice cake and the most moreish of all… spring onion chicken: all accompanied by sweet chilli and various creamy dipping sauces. Yum…

You were supposed to read that with slow, calm, husky voice for emphasis.

Sunday 31st December – New Year’s Eve 

Well all I have achieved so far is writing this post in reflection having no intention of leaving my desk as of yet, rather preferring to countdown the ultimate minutes of 2017 with Aki and my love. 

I want to thank all my readers, both past and consistent, for following me on my writing journey. Writing freely has helped me immensely with expression and the desire to help others in whichever way I can with the words in which I chose. I sincerely hope you have a lovely 2018, reaching for your aspirations and creating delightful memories which last a lifetime. I wish that you continue to support me, and I look forward to greeting/expanding my audience as much as possible. See you in the new year! 

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