My Bucket List – Part 1. 

Shamefully I haven’t written a bucket list post before, nor have I fully composed one in my head. All in the consideration of the new year, which has rapidly approached, and resolutions that usually come along with this time of year, I thought it would be perfect timing for finally creating a bucket list for myself. Keep in mind that a bucket list consists of a life time worth of targets unlike that of annual goals so my list will be divided into more than one post. 

  • Visit Italy. Since the age of 8 or 9 I had an ‘obsession’ with Italy. I have never been before so I assume my fascination for the country arose from the limited sceneries I had seen on television programmes and in my Mum’s magazines; issues of ‘Take a Break‘ were the usual availability . I think the main reason why I dreamt of exploring Italy was based on their food culture (see, I’ve been a foodie since childhood) as well as the architecture. My heritage is mainly of a British background, however my Nan (my Mum’s mother) and my great-aunt (my Nan’s sister) told me that their father (my great grandad) was of partial Italian descent. Even if my bloodline has a near non-existent relation to Italians I would love to wonder the streets of Venice, Rome, Tuscany and Sicily.
  • Research my family history. In connection to wanting to travel to Italy, I have always been interested in ancestory and methods used to determine heritage information. Relatives on my Dad’s side of the family have traced our family history somewhat extensively: highlighting our prominent British and Irish roots. My mother’s side of the family haven’t successfully researched our family tree and children asking their parents and other family members about heritage was a uncommon thing to discuss in those days: parents kept certain aspects to the themselves for the welfare of their children even if it didn’t concern anything troubling. I’m sure that the best way to obtain these facts would be through the use of public access to documentation, purchasing copies of birth/death/marriage certificates, censuses and dna samples.
  • Get a dog. I have had many pets during my life already: rabbits, cats, fish, Guinea pigs, hamsters, and a tortoise though never a dog. I have wanted a Labrador Retriever for a long as I can remember, but I would be equally delighted to give a home to a rescue dog or a Malamute. I think it will be quite some time until I can provide a suitable enough home for another pet. Until then I am grateful for having Aki by my side, besides she is still a relatively new addition to the family. 
  • Get married. I don’t believe that a piece of paper issued by a government or state signifies that a couple love each other and will dedicate their entire lives to one another for eternity, but to comply with laws and rights of being able to own property together as equals blah blah blah I think it would be sensible to get married. Without discussing my personal life in extensive detail, I will simply say that my boyfriend and I have naturally chosen to live together as one even without marriage. Infact we don’t consider ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend, more appropriately so as lovers or partners. We have already decided to get married to make certain aspects in life easier for both of us. We won’t have a wedding as we don’t like drawing attention to ourselves; anyway there would be some family members who would disagree with our marriage, not going to say too much here about this and I hope you can understand that I can’t disclose everything about myself right now. I think once we have achieved other things this year we will officially be engaged by his (-or my) proposal. 
  • Learn another language. Unashamedly I admit that I am seriously jealous of anyone who can speak a language other than their mother tongue. I have attempted Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. French pronunciation is too difficult for me and the other two tries I didn’t dedicate enough study and practice time for. I think if I learn a language it would be interesting and more meaningful to me if I learn either Italian, Korean or Japanese. 90% of the time I can read Korean characters (Hangul) and I already have some resources for learning it so I think Korean would be a good choice. Plus if I was to ever have a child with my partner I think it would be nice if he/she could learn both of our first languages (English and Korean). My boyfriend is a genius when it comes to languages, although I think it would be lovely if I could help teach our child Korean just as he will; especially as I find it rewarding to teach others since I was a primary school teaching assistant back in London.
  • Have a child? – Still unsure about this, which I believe is perfectly natural. Where I’m from many people my age have, or are soon to have a child/children. Sometimes I feel like I should grow up faster to ‘act my age’ though truthfully speaking I’m not too immature; being a role model to children and moving abroad changed that about me. I will say to anyone, male or female, who is undecided about having children: have children when you are ready or don’t have any at all if that is what you desire. It’s your choice and no one else’s. If you are married or ready to get married it doesn’t mean you have to have children or rush into starting a family. The same goes for marriage: it’s not an obligatory aspect in life.
  • PUBLISH A BOOK! –  Obviously!
  • Travel to more countries. Considering I only made my first passport in Spring of last year I have done quite well by visiting 3 new countries: Korea, France and Japan. This time last year I had never been out of England! I want to go to Italy as I said earlier, to another part of Japan, Australia, Singapore, Germany, and the Netherlands. I think Hong Kong would be the next new adventure.
  • Work in retail. I think this will be one of those short-term exertions. I just want to know what it’s like to serve others as I much prefer to cater to someone else’s needs than my own. My brother told my that supermarket work is too exhausting and very rarely do respectable customers come by to bring a smile to the faces of employees. I think I would like to work among things I like prehaps a dessert cafe or themed restaurant, a pet shop, a bookstore, a stationery store, skincare shop, Disney store… somewhere along those lines. 
  • Host dinner parties for family and friends. Evidently I love cooking and food (‘no way!’ you say? Such a revelation). Of course I have cooked for family and friends many times over, the only difference I would like to make would to be able to gather my dear ones within my own home and sit down to a three course meal over a table that has been decorated accordingly to my invision. 
  • Learn how to bake a difficult dessert. I want to up my baking and cooking skills! I want to be able to say: ‘I can make macarons, pavlova and a wedding cake!’ Oh, and Blackforest gâteaux. 

7 responses to “My Bucket List – Part 1. ”

  1. Such an awesome list! Italy is beautiful. I know you’ll absolutely adore it! Also I can’t wait until you publish your book!! 😀

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  2. […] This post is a continuation from My Bucket List – Part 1 […]


  3. aguycalledbloke avatar

    Always good to have a list – it concretes our lives to a certain degree – great post – and looks like you are to be busy this year – l have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award – as l enjoy reading what you have to say.

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    1. Wow. Thank you so much for the nomination. I really needed such a lovely comment right now.

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      1. aguycalledbloke avatar

        My pleasure 🙂


  4. Even though these seem like a must-do list, my laziness would obviously take over me. Huh.

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  5. Your list will surely keep you busy this year! I am eager to see how each of these goals plays out. XOXO.

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