My Bucket List – Part 2. 

This post is a continuation from My Bucket List – Part 1

  • Experiment more with cooking. Despite my longlasting love of cooking and food, it wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I rekindled my regular practice of cooking since ending my catering course in my final years of secondary school/high school. I particularly like fusion foods; usually East Asian dishes with a Western twist. In order to achieve this goal I must promise myself to continue to try new cuisine and take inspiration whenever the occasion arises. I especially would like the master how to prepare authentic tasting Japanese ramen. 
  • See all of the major landmarks. This is an overally common point on most people’s Bucket lists and I’m not typically a trend follower, but since my childhood I have wanted to at least see The Eiffel Tower. If I am not fortunate enough to view all seven wonders of the world, alternatively I would like to accomplish seeing as many art galleries as possible across the world and Michelangelo’s paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.
  • Make a positive difference in someone’s life. I’m not entirely confident on how to achieve this. All I know is that it most likely won’t be saving someone’s life: though that isn’t impossible. I assume making a difference in someone’s life can’t be premeditated until it’s time to take action. For now I think providing meals for homeless people and donating supplies to food banks would be a good start.
  • Witness a sunset or sunrise. There isn’t any specific reason as to why I would like to view a sunset or sunrise. I just consider it as as a natural occurrence which we take for granted. We get some consumed by living our lives, fulfilling our roles/responsibilities and achieving our goals in life that we don’t appreciate something as simple and timeless as viewing nature. I very much believe that taking a step back from pressures in life to gaze upon something beautiful would be good for promoting a positive mental health.
    • Read a book on a subject I’m not interested in. It’s all well to read for entertainment purposes and for broadening our knowledge on topics which make us inquisitive. Whereas reaching for a information text which covers an aspect which we know nothing about or have no desire for learning can help us understand other people’s interests, perspectives or interpretations of certain matters. If there is one attribute I can complement myself on it would be that I am a open minded person. I always consider the perseptions of others rather than disregarding their opinions if I favour my own. 
    • Have a romantic day/evening out. Whether it be organising a picnic, going to a ‘fancy’ restaurant for the first time or attending an outdoor film screening: it would be a lovely experience and change from the more common moments I have shared with my partner.
    • Go Ghosthunting. Anything ‘supernatural’ or concerning the afterlife intrigues me. Believe it or not (everyone has the right to be skeptical) I have encountered some paranormal activity a handful of times since my childhood – could this be a separate blog post? Hint, hint.
    • Donate/raise a reasonable amount of money for a charity. Quite a few times during my school year’s I did partake in fundraising events: summer fates, cake sales, selling cards I had handmade, collecting used stamps exchangeable for guide dog training and sometimes through team effort we raised hundreds of pounds for various charities. Sometimes I wish I could offer more to organisations in order to actually make a difference in the world. 
    • Go on a cruise. Particularly a cruise of the Mediterranean. However, I moreso we like to be able to give the gift of going on a Carribean cruise to my parents as that’s their dream. 
    • Compose a song. By no means am I a musician. I can’t sing nor play an instrument but I think it would be a nice personal achievement in which could at least make me feel relatable to the musicians around me. I did write quite a depressing song for a special graded piece of homework from my form tutor who was also my music teacher. I put alot of emotion into it considering I was only 13 or 14 years old. I would like to be able to recreate and improve something similar as I put together all those years ago. 
    • Take part in a craft workshop. I have always enjoyed and immensed myself in crafts, yet somehow have never attended a workshop class. Not only could I learn how to make something to be proud of, it would be a social opportunity for being introduced to like minded people. 
    • Go to Disney World/Disney Land or Universal Studios!!! You are never too old to go to a place like these! 

    5 thoughts on “My Bucket List – Part 2. 

    1. Lovely post! I love the topic and all the details you have for each goal. Some of these are definitely going to be added on to mine like, make a difference in someone’s life and visit the major landmarks. Good luck with all of these goals!!


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