[South Korea]: A Guide of Places to Visit. 

Yesterday evening I composed a pole on one of my social media accounts to determine which post write today. By demand, 56% of voters preferred that I delicate a post to ‘places to visit in South Korea’.
Quite some time ago I wrote a similar post about London, feel free too take a peek:

Since taking blogging more seriously in October or November of last year, I have sporadically highlighted some suggestions of places to visit in Seoul and Incheon; therefore it would be more suitable if I condensed this information into a list. The following bullet points consist of previous references as well as some extra additions.

  • Seoul/Namsan Tower – this is the most idyllic location for viewing Seoul’s skyscrapers from a panoramic view. A cable car takes you up to the tower and outdoor viewing platforms. During the summer it’s a great place for families to eat lunch and hang around, especially as it provides some cafés and fast food restaurants. This area also gives place to a love lock bridge.
  • Gyeongbokgong Palace – this is a popular tourist destination due to it historical importance. Gyeongbokgong served as the main Palace of the Joseon dynasty until it was damaged by a fire inflicted during the Imjin war. It was originally constructed in 1394 and now serves as a museum accessible to the public. There is more than one main structure to view as the Palace has several courts.
  • Lotte world and Everland – are the most poplular theme parks in South Korea and are most comparable to Disney Land sites. With Disney’s fantastic reputation its easy to underestimate the quality of Lotte World and Everland; from experience I can tell you that you will be pleasantly suprised by all aspects of Lotte world. There are a variety of amazingly fast rides and water rides that throw you around from all angles, more than plenty of restaurant choices, countless cosmetic and gift shops and a mesmerising ‘end of the day’ production with performers from all over the globe.
  • Myeongdong – the largest shopping district of Seoul, giving home to all the major korean cosmetic brands, luxury and affordable fashion retailers, Western and traditional restaurants, street foods etc. It’s one of my favorite places to go, just be aware that it’s very over populated so if you want to bring along any children, elderly people, or disabled dear ones it’s best to explore the area during the daytime on a weekday which doesn’t intersect with any Korean national holidays.
  • Samcheongdong – if you would prefer to be away from over crowded streets, Samcheongdong has a calmer atmosphere with a endless amounts of independent coffee cafés, florists and buildings with traditional style exteriors.
  • Insadong – is mainly recognised as the city of art due to the fact that a Palace specially used for art education one resided there.
  • Hongdae – honestly this isn’t somewhere where I like to go often. Although if you are more of a ‘trendsetter’ and a young adult who wants to socialise in the bars and clubs with Koreans and foreigners; then Hongdae is a common choice. I usually just go there for their dessert cafés.
  • Namdaemun – another district of Seoul well recognised for its rich history culture. Namdaemun Gate is a photo opportunity that you will definitely want to add to your memory collection.
  • Changdeokgung – another ‘must see’ Palace. Unlike Gyeongbokgong it is more famous for its gardens which are in full bloom during Spring and Summer. At this location you can often see Korean citizens wearing Hanbok (the name given to their traditional dress).
  • Deoksugung – a Palace significant with it’s Royal Guard Ceremony. Placed within the grounds are the National Museum of Art, forested gardens and a statue of King Sejong the Great.

2 thoughts on “[South Korea]: A Guide of Places to Visit. 

  1. Ahh one of my favorite countries in the world! I loved South Korea so much! I was there for four months working and studying, and it was truly life-changing! All of the recommendations that you gave were spot on! I especially love Gyeongbokgung Palace at night! Thanks for sharing!

    Much love,
    Priscilla Akayla.
    Wonderer. Wanderer. Wxnderer.

    Liked by 1 person

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