[Food]: 20 British Dishes – Part 2.

As indicated in the title of this post, this is a continuation from 10 British Dishes – Part 1

More puddings:

  • Eton messAssumably this Summertime dessert came about from the annual cricket matches played on the grounds of Harrow School (- a prestigious independent boarding school for boys, founded in 1572). Eton mess is a concoction of strawberries, broken meringue, and heavy whipped cream. When first introduced to the school, it was made with bananas and ice cream; being purchasable at their ‘sock shop’ – tuck shop.
  • Sticky toffee puddingA moist hot sponge cake prepared with finely chopped dates in it’s mixture. Apart from the obvious use of toffee sauce, it can alternatively be drizzled with custard or situated with a scooped of vanilla ice cream. In our cousin countries (not in a geographical sense): Australia and New Zealand it’s called sticky date pudding.
  • Jam Roly-PolyAnother suet pudding with strawberry jam spread inside. Basically a hot version of Swiss roll, giving British another pudding to put with our beloved custard.
  • Knickerbocker gloryIn a way this is a parfait combining Eton mess and trifle. In a sundae glass ice cream, cream, meringue, syrup, nuts, fruit and often a single cherry is placed. I haven’t had the privilege of trying this, I just heard that it’s a sugar overload. Knickerbocker glory peaked in popularity worldwide when referenced to in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
  • Banoffee pieHonestly I thought this was an American dish. On a pastry base of buttered biscuit crumbs, sliced bananas and thick cream are layered. Toffee sauce prepared with condensed milk is poured on top of the cream of spread evenly over the bananas. Crushed walnuts and grated chocolate can also be added for decoration.
  • Clotted cream icecream/Cornish ice creamIn Cornwall and Devon, coastline areas of the UK, people make intensely creamy ice cream made from clotted cream. Clots in the cream refer to the production process. Full fat cow’s milk is directly boiled to separate the fats from the more watery substances within the milk. Clotted cream is what should be used for eating Scones.


  • Pork pie A sturdy pie deeply filled with cured pork, the crust is made from a process known as ‘hot water sealing’. A pork jelly is piped into the empty spaces between the pastry and pork for preserving puposes. Other than the stand pork pie their is gala pie, which takes either the same rounded shape of as a loaf and contains boiled egg/s in the centre. Uncured pork is used in some part of England, though less frequently.
  • SyllabubOver the period of the 16th to 19th century the English endulged in this frothy beverage. Wine, cider or other forms of acids e.g. lemon juice were used to curdle milk or cream thus creating a sweet foamy drink.
  • Scotch eggsBall shaped sausage meat rolled in breadcrumbs, containing a whole boiled egg inside. Smaller scotch eggs, ‘mini savoury eggs’ have mashed egg inside and are consisdered as party or picnic foods. Hot versions of this usually chilled snack have a runny yolk and are eaten with salad in restaurants using cutlery instead of eaten by hand.ave a runny yolk and are eaten with salad in restaurants using cutlery instead of eaten by hand.

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