A Little ‘Under the Weather’. 

Having a cold by no means is the end of the world, there’s plenty of people worse off who we should consider when inflicted with such illnesses. When not feeling my usual self, I tend to get on with whichever my daily tasks are even if I have to take a few shattered breaks. The only difference this time round is that for a week I’ve been feeling disoriented and have light aversion; regardless I still want to use my tablet to compose a blog post with the exception of an interesting or well collated theme. What else is more suiting than writing about what I like to do when I’m feeling under the weather? 

Watching YouTube and ASMRSince moving away from the UK I haven’t owned a television nor do I intend to purchase one. The amount of YouTube channels I watch has declined over the past few years, but the diversity in content in which I am drawn to has widened. If I have any free time or alike today on ‘sick’ days, I like to view daily vlogs of a select few British YouTubers: Alfie Deyes, Tanya Burr, Joe Sugg, and a Canadian model/Youtuber going by the name of Taylor R who lives in Hong Kong but previously lived in Tokyo. I use this time to additonally catch up on BBC news by watching their broadcast clips via their YouTube channel. 

During the night time, or when I need to return to a calmer sense of mind I watch ASMR videos by some Korean and American Asmrists: Soy Asmr, Karuna Satori Asmr, Latte Asmr, and Blue Whisper Asmr. Rapunzel Asmr was the person who drew me toward asmr. Asmr stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response – a phenomenon caused by a like of particular sounds. When a person is affected by asmr they will experience ‘tingles’ on their skin; commonly on top of their head, back of their neck, down their spine or feet. It’s believed that anyone can experience asmr, it just takes the right person and specific sounds to induce it. 

In my case I dislike chewing sounds and much prefer to hear hash brushing sounds, tapping on wooden or plastic objects and makeup/hair cutting role-play asmr. Initially asmr to almost everyone who encounter it feels unsettled, seemingly a whispering or gentle voice talking in your ears appears to be creepy or an invasion of your personal space. As I stated you can find the right person or sounds to suit you so your preconceptions can differ with time. You may not be able to experience tingles often, but asmr can help with anxiety and depression as well as sleeping problems.

Webtoon – Korea’s search engine ‘Naver’, own a free messaging app called ‘LINE’. With the social communities on their side, derived from both the search engine and messaging app, Naver Line produced a comic app in which anyone can submit their own comic strips as well as enjoy illustrations and storylines created by popular artists. Some of the comics issued on the original korean version of the app are available in English by the creators themselves or by fan translation with permission of the owners. If you like anime their is romantic and action content for you, and if you like comedy or relatable stories there are comics for you to enjoy too. It’s free to use and available on Apple and Android app stores. I especially make time for catching up on ‘My giant nerd boyfriend’, ‘Adventures of God’, ‘Normal Class 8’ and ‘Woman World’ .

Reading blogs – As part of reflecting on what you want to achieve in your life whenever a new year or occasion arises, I think it’s highly important to acknowledge people who inspire you or whom you wish to achieve well. For me, today feels like a suitable time to introduce you to a group of bloggers who upload writings I thoroughly enjoy. I won’t go into detail of what their blogs about about, I think it would be more meaningful if you explored their pages for yourself and engage with their words as an individual without much of my influence. 

    I realised I have never posted a selfie on here before, so if you was wondering what I look like (no one was Emma, no one) as you probably can’t clearly see my profile photo then this is me…

    Hopefully I will return tomorrow in a more suitable state for writing freely. 

    2 thoughts on “A Little ‘Under the Weather’. 

    1. I’m the same, no need for tv. I have fully embraced the online and digital age. haha Thanks to sites like youtube and wordpress I have found amazing content and amazing friends from all over the globe. 🙂

      Also as someone who was out sick for what feels like all of December, I wish you a speedy recovery too.


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