[Reviews]: Kbeauty – Lip Products Part 1.

Now you may be wondering (-or not, fair enough you are entitled to your option), what is all the hype concerning Korean beauty and skincare products? Well to state simply there are several benefits to Korean cosmetics and self-care products:

  • If you can buy Kbeauty products directly from or in Korea, they’re cheap or mostly reasonably priced.
  • They have countless unique products which Western brands do not make or produce equally as well.
  • The packaging designs have practicality in mind as well as lovely styles.
  • Base makeup caters to people with pale/fair skin tones (-this is usually a struggle across numerous western brands).
  • Skincare is often aimed at all skin types rather than targeting a selected skin type, meaning no one has to miss out on trying a korean skincare item if they wish to do so.
  • In many cases you get your money’s worth considering the quantities can be generously sized.

    There’s probably endless reasons I could rave about Kbeauty, although it all depends on a particular item. Therefore in this blog series I have spontaneously decided upon (-prehaps regrettably) I aim to review as many kbeauty products as I can based on the items I currently own; if I included all the products I have ever tried, this series would be too long for you and I.

    Please bare with me, and I hope this series is either compelling or informative… or you enjoy being ‘inquizative’ (*cough cough* nosey).

    Let’s begin with lip products.

    Etude House – Dear Darling Tint (02 Real Red/03 Orange Red): Ever since their release, which was more than 3 years ago, these have been regarded as one of the number one lip tints among watery lightweight lip products. Their colours are vivid however lightly they are applied, lasting 7-8 hours with little wear despite eating and drinking throughout the day. One of the main factors aside from longevity which makes them favourable, is their nonstick, non-drying texture. If you wish to apply lip balm over the top you can achieve it effortlessly. Other versions including special and limited editions have been introduced due to the positive response of the original type. I rate this product 8/10.

    A’pieuWater Light Tint (RD03 Bitter Rose): If you are a lover of dusty rose shades of pink, which for some is a ‘my lips but better’ shade, this is the ultimate liquid form lipstick. Unlike most water based tints, this specific one is not sheer; moreso like a well pigmented melted lipstick. The formula dries somewhere on the spectrum of between dewy and matte depending on the condition of your lips and how thickly you wear it. It has been one of my ‘go to’ lip colours since receiving it as a birthday gift last Spring as it matches well with my fair skin complection, light brown hair and green/hazel eyes. I rate this product 9/10.

    Innisfree – Eco Flower Tint (Azalea): Each of the tints within this range are made with flower extracts. The pale pink one which I have was created with Azalea petals. The light floral scent is what I like most about this product. This particular colour gives a very natural sheer trace on my lips. The only prominent issue with the tint is that it soaks into my lips very quickly, giving me the tendancy to reach for a lip balm or oil. As a quick refresh it’s fine, but not intended for all day use as many reapplications would be necessary. I rate this product 5/10.

    Peripera – Rouge Pang Lipstick – (PK07 Courteous): These angled lipsticks aim to provide vibrant colours with a dewy finish. The formula is similar to that of the popular Revlon Lip butters: A balm, lipstick combination. The colour transfers just as suggested by the lipsticks packaging, only downside being that is the texture is tacky and clings to any dry patches. Since buying it I have been too disappointed to use it more than 3 or 4 times, especially as it seems to keep transferring onto my teeth. I rate this product 4/10.

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