My Long Haul Flight Essentials.

The first flight I ever took was of April last year. It was a long haul flight from England to South Korea; and I was well prepared considering my close family members had never been on a flight themselves in order to be able to give me advice for this independent travel experience. Only problem was I slightly underestimated how uncomfortable the 11 hour direct flight would be. I managed to keep myself refreshed by making use of the lavatory just before landing, but this time I have to hang around airports and be in the air for more than 18 hours when going back and forth from Incheon to London next month. I’m not religious, but God help me please.

This time I am determined to take well collated items with me to aid my travel. Whilst sharing the guidance which I wish I had had prior, I hope to give some useful suggestions of what you can appropriately take with you in your in-flight bag.

Cushion foundation – If you really don’t want to go make-up free during your flight then consider a cushion pact. Cushion pacts of base makeup are relatively a new concept to Western cosmetics brands so it may be a little tricky to obtain one; nevertheless you won’t regret your purchase nor the wait for it to be delivered from an online retailer. If you have somehow been oblivious to Korean makeup let me briefly enlighten you with a description of what a cushion foundation is.

A secure plastic case similar to that of a compressed powder contains a foundation, cc cream or bb cream underneath a sponge dispenser. A non-overly absorbent sponge puff is provided in the lid of the compact making base makeup application effortless without the need to carry an additional brush or blending puff. Most cases have a mirror placed within the top half of the pact with interchangable compartments for refills without having to buy the whole casing repeatedly. If you want a Western brand of cushion foundation L’Orรฉal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation gives a nice semi-matte finish. I quite liked it except for the colour range being limited. If you have pale or yellowed toned skin I’d say it safest to get a Korean branded cushion. I have listed a few below:

  • Full coverage foundation with a dewy finish – Clio Kill Cover Cushion
  • Medium, buildable to full coverage foundation with a semi-matte finish – Innisfree Long Wear Cushion
  • Pink, green, or lavender cc cream – Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion
  • Acne skin – April Skin Magic Snow Cushion
  • Balm type for dry skin – Nature Republic Aqua Marble Foundation

Water lip tint – A water based lip tint is the perfect alternative to a lipstick. Just for a flight it’s best to put the liquid lipsticks aside (sorry Kylie lip kit lovers). A watery tint allows you to fall asleep on a plane without the worry of unwantedly smudging pigments all over your face. They also stain the lips for prolonged amounts of time, so depending on the length of your travel you may not have to reapply the tint even after eating and drinking.

  • Any product of the Etude House Dear Darling tint ranges.
  • Tony Moly Lip tone Get it Tint
  • Benefit Benetint
  • Labiotte Chateau Wine Lip Tint

Facial wipesIt’s quite obvious why these would be classed as an essential item: you can remove makeup simply, clean your hands before your in-flight meal etc. Nothing fancy is required so feel free to use which wipes work best for you. Tissues are also a must.

Hand sanitizer – I hate to suddenly make you feel ‘germ conscious’, but aeroplanes and airports are a bacteria farm on a huge scale. You might want to carry a sanitising gel with you before you think about tucking into the snacks you may purchase among the duty-free stores.

Free samples of moisturiserSomehow high altitudes dehydrate our skin so much so we can find ourselves having dry skin and breakouts a few days or so after taking a long haul flight. Keeping moisturiser samples in your ‘liquid allowance’ pouch will allow you to save weight and space in your bag/carrier. If you can apply moisturiser once every 4 hours of your journey, your skin will be perfectly comfortable.

Reading material – Watching films on planes is fun only for the first 2 or 3 movies, so it’s best to switch things up little. I intend to finish the rest of The wind in the Willows via Kindle ebooks on the way to London. What I am most looking forward to is reading The Picture of Dorian Grey on the return flight to Korea.

A couple of sweet snacks – We are feed well on long haul flights, just a sweet treat to peak your energy levels will be in need. Over 18 hours of travel… ah… that equals…let’s say… 3 packets of Haribo!

A pen – I’d say this is the most important part of your in-flight pack. Nothing is worse that trying to catch the attention of a member of cabin crew, to ask if you can borrow their pen to complete your customs declaration documents and/or arrival card.

Chewing gum or mints – Ain’t nobody body got time for brushing their teeth. Just inhale a box of tic-tacs.

Deodorant – This one EVERYONE should make time for. Please don’t be that person who forgets to reapply antiperspirant.

Medication – If you have to take medication it’s so important that you take it in your in-flight luggage even if you don’t need to take it during your flight. If your suitcase is misplaced, hopefully nothing does go wrong, you won’t have access to your medication. As long as the medication has your name labels on it and you have your prescription (-incase of inspection), you are allowed to take the medicine with you onto the plane as long as it doesn’t exceed the liquid restrcitions.

Phone charger and a power bank – Again, don’t put these in your suitcase for obvious reasons.

Do I also need to add ‘passport’ to this list?

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