Daily Makeup Routine. 

I titled this as ‘daily’ makeup routine when rather it should be my ‘sometimes’ makeup routine as on average I only wear makeup twice a week. If you were hoping to learn how to accomplish an intricate elegant eyeshadow look then I’m afraid you have come to the wrong blog post. I literally never have applied makeup that exceeds the very basics: A routine consisting of only three or four steps. Regardless of my lack of experimentally with cosmetics and having preferance for skincare, prehaps I could raise awareness of some products you haven’t come across prior.

Step 1 – CC Cream

  • I use The Face Shop Air Cotton Makeup Base (01 Mint) to counteract redness of spots, blemishes and irritation. As I have clear skin most of the time (fingers crossed so I don’t jinx myself), I don’t see this as a necessary step; it’s just a back up product for bad skin days. Like most cc creams this one should be used sparingly to avoid a white cast.

Step 2 – Concealer

  • I’m still confused over the order in which foundation and concealer should be worn. Makeup artists on YouTube, television and in magazine articles give conflicting information. I prefer to use concealer first to ‘irradiate’ the points of concern first and foremost. I find that applying concealer before other base makeup prolongs the concealer’s longevity. I opt for a liquid concealer in place of a stick concealer as I find them to give a coverage that isn’t too thick. I swear by the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (01 Fair). Collection is affordable UK drugstore brand which first aimed their products at teenagers who are beginners with makeup and want to diminish their acne. Their products are either hits or misses, without a middle ground. This concealer is a massive hit that even YouTube makeup artists and beauty ‘gurus’ adore over luxury concealers, so much so that the product is often sold out still to this day.

Step 3: Foundation/BB cream

  • Depending on the condition of my skin I alternate between the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream: Cotton Fit (N02 Light Beige) and Innisfree Perfect Cover Smart Foundation (13 Light Beige). The Innisfree foundation aims to provide skin with a barrier against environmental elements which can cause problematic skin. Both give medium, to buildable full coverage but can be quite ‘cakey’ if you do layer them. I always use very like base makeup to give my sensitive skin as much ‘breathability’ as possible and to limit sebum production. Occasionally the lightest shades of Korean Foundation (typically titled as ‘Light Beige’) are more like ‘Porcelain’ or ‘Fair’ skin tones depicted by Western brand base makeup; so ensure you research swatches before purchasing a Korean base makeup item.

Step 4: Lip product

  • Among all types of lip makeup I have favoured liquid lipsticks ever since the Rimmel London Apocolips Lip Lacquers were released five or so years ago. Thesedays my ‘go to’ lippies are NYX Lingerie (04 Ruffle Trim, 08 Bedtime Flirt and 12 Exotic) as well as Peripera Ink Velvet (06 Celeb Deep Rose and 07 Dollish Beige Rose). In other words anything Rose tinted complements me most without being too striking or overly unnatural looking.

That’s basically as as far as my make up routine goes. This year I would like the delve into earthy tones of eyeshadow to continue with simplicity, but I won’t be heading toward mascara, contouring and highlighting and whatever baking and cut creasing is.

Can anyone suggest some natural looking eyeshadows I could try out?

5 responses to “Daily Makeup Routine. ”

  1. You look really beautiful, no make up needed!

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    1. 😳☺ Thank youuuuu


  2. I always put my concealer on after my foundation and my eye makeup to tidy it up! Makeup Revolution do some really nice (and really affordable) natural colours! Their palettes are really good quality. xx


    1. When I go to the UK next month I want to take a look at Makeup Revolution for the new concealers, so I will look at their eyeshadow palettes too. Thanks for the info x

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  3. I’m the same, I always get confused about whether I should put concealer on first or after foundation. So I just do both lol, great post. Very pretty x

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