[Reviews]: Kbeauty – Lip Products Part 2.

If you would like to read the other half of this post which is the first of my Kbeauty review series you can simply find it here.

Etude House – Rosy Tint Lips (06 English Garden): This was the only lip product I brought during my first experience of Korea, and you’ll soon discover why I wish I hadn’t limited myself to this one makeup purchase. Prior to buying this tint I had seem many positive reviews of it by my Korean Instagram followers as well as some overall good feedback in the comments sections of online retailers. Any type of cosmetic which has a sponge applicator works well for giving natural, soft makeup looks so I had high hopes for Rosy Lips. My first mistake was the colour, the dried rose outer packaging does not replicate the shade of the actual liquid lipstick. It can be too vibrant if worn all over the lips, so an ombre affect is better in my opinion. Second of all it clings to the slightest of dry patches no matter how minimal. Even after exfoliation the tint quickly becomes drying and easily transfers onto teeth: a factor which rarely happens to me. Lastly the tube is too thick to effortlessly dispense the tint. I don’t think I will repurchase this products, but I am very much a fan of the shade 07 Tea Rose within the range. I rate this product 5/10.

On: The Body – Deep Moisture Serum Oil (Rose) – I was at Homeplus (a Korean supermarket in partnership with the UK’s Tesco) looking for a decent alternative to rich lip balms and medicated lip creams for chapped lips caused by Winter weather. I came across this lip serum/oil: never had I previously tried a product of this type. I will straightforwardly tell you this – if you can find a lip oil buy it in bulk. Give one to your Mum, your Auntie, your boyfriend, whoever; they are far more beneficial than even Blistex and Carmex. On: The Body additionally produce a honey version which is similar to that of the Etude House Honey Cera Lip Oil. Rating: 9/10.

The Face Shop – Twinkle Snowing Tint (Santa’s Red Hat): I am unsure whether this is just a special edition repackaged tint of an already existing popular water tint, or if it is a totally new product among what The Face Shop has to offer. If I remember correctly their were 5 or 6 shades of the twinkle snowing tint: all hues of red in homage of the festive season. I chose this shade because it’s not to bright nor too dark like a cherry red, moreso like a metallic strawberry jam. Despite the miniture polar bear snow globe that sits on the top end of the applicator its wearable all year round, it’s the only way it can be Christmas everyday. Rating: 7/10.

PeriPera – Peri’s Ink Velvet (07 Dollish Beige Rose & 06 Deep Celeb Rose): I think writing about these for the third or fourth time would be ridiculous. Instead, you can refer to my November Haul of Sale Items post. Rating 9/10.

Etude House – Dear Darling Water Tint (01 Strawberryade): If you want a lightweight, almost ‘bare lips’ feeling lip tint that lasts 6-8 hours then look no further. It’s the first Korean lippie I ever brought, and I still have it…which means it’s probably expired. Rating 8/10.

A’pieu – Lip Fluid Cotton (CR01 Rose Salt) – My parents brought this for me as a birthday gift last year. Among the few red lip products I own, I would say it complements my skintone and eye colour best among all of them. It’s more of a deep coral than a full on red, but not too orange toned. The velvety texture is what I like best; it’s almost a dupe of the PeriPera tints I mentioned above. The only downside is the colour choices are fairly limited. An enamel version is also available. Rating: 8/10.

Please excuse the cat scratches on my arm. The water tint and lip oil didn’t swatch well as I had moisturiser on my arm, nevertheless I can assure you that you would like the sheer lip products featured.

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