Last Week’s Favourites.

Last week I wrote some fairly lengthy posts as well as highlighting some sensitive topics and serious issues. To begin this week on a fresh, light note I want to give you an easy read by sharing details of simplistic items which I enjoyed over the duration of the week just past. I hope everyone’s week has commenced positively, and that you are now snuggled up at home with a hot beverage.


  • After having a bad night’s sleep (thanks insomnia), I was highly tempted to purchase as many snacks as I could possibly cram into the shopping basket. I surprising did well for myself: only obtaining the essential few items on my shopping list…well apart from some brunch. I had been eyeing up the premade sandwich counter the last few times I had headed to the same supermarket, but had always opted for Kimbap (rice rolls with fillings) in place of a bread based snack. This time round I settled upon a ham and cheese bagel salad box. It had been ridiculously long since I had consumed a good sandwich. Trust me. If you move to Asia you would understand how it’s even possible to miss sandwiches in addition to a longing for Yorkshire puddings with gravy, Cheeselets and poorly acted soap operas.


  • I was organising and uninstalling some of the apps on my phone to conserve memory storage when I realised I hadn’t downloaded some of the helpful apps I had used on my previous mobile. I used to use a few basic versions of recipes apps; they weren’t well developed considering the producers were competing in a high tech android market. In the attempt to find a suitable replacement for the recipe and eating plan apps I had once relied on, I stumbled upon ‘Yummly’. Aside for the well known ‘Tasty’ gifs, I was delighted to see such a good quality app amongst other apps fitting into food, health and lifestyle categories. ‘Yummly’ not only enables you to discover endless recipes, you can refine the suggestions with search filters. The app can cater recipes presented to you by dietary preferences and requirements, type of cuisine i.e. country or continent, preparation time, courses, nutrition, tastes and techniques. Furthermore the app has an ingredients shopping list function, comments section, a page to save your favourite recipes on the app, and star ratings. Overall the app is well organised with practicality in mind.

Edward Avila

  • Its been a good few years since I began watching Edward: A Filipino Youtuber who spent some of his childhood/adolescence in America. A few years back he didn’t have a following so extensive, and recently there was some controversy (- or jealousy) over his career developments and cosmetic surgery procedures. Nevertheless I think he has more or less stayed true to himself, portray his personality without overly upholding a false positivity which is expected of YouTubers and their sub categories. His content is 80% based around Kbeauty, but I think I’m drawn towards his videos due to his sense of humour and relatability. If you are interested in taking a look at his channel the link is here.

Gong Cha

  • One of the most successful Taiwanese bubble tea franchises with expansions across East Asia. I love milk tea with tapioca, and miss being able to go to London’s Chinatown for going to ‘Cuppa Cha’ with my brother. I selected taro* milk tea with regular tapioca pearls, less sugar and less ice.

*Taro is a root vegetable believed to derive from purple yams and cassava.

The Apple Orchard – Veronica Henry

  • I am not mentioning this book to give a review or tell you what enticed me to download it; truthfully I obtained it on a whim. I just wanted a free ebook to read until I can retrieve my paperbacks from my parent’s house next month. Other than the title I have absolutely no inkling as to what the story entails or any facts about the author: which is good in a sense as I might have unintentionally discovered an enjoyable short read.

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