[Short Story Review]: The Apple Orchard – Veronica Henry.

Whilst searching for some free ebooks on the Kindle ebooks store via my tablet, I stumbled upon the works of Veronica Henry. Seemingly she has composed various average length novels as well as some short stories: all of which are themed around or based in natural settings (-coastlines and the countryside are just a few to mention). Perhaps she seeks some inspiration from where she resides: Devon, England. Prior to writing fiction texts Ms Henry was a scriptwriter for well known UK television dramas including ‘Holby City’, ‘The Archers’ and ‘Heartbeat’ . She is most recognised for her success with her novel entitled ‘A Night on the Orient Express’.

At intervals the flow of the story is somewhat ‘jumpy’: possibly causing readers to become confused upon the sudden change of scene, location and who’s emotions and inner monologue is being expressed. Fortunately it doesn’t take long to readjust to the rhythm of the way the author conveys the ongoings.

In regards to the vocabulary used this is a light read especially with the kindle version consisting of approximately twenty two pages, hence why this is a ‘short story review’ rather than a book review, however the subjects expressed within the ‘The Apple Orchard’ aren’t so light-hearted.

Without revealing the highlights of the story, I can indicate that it is a piece of fiction which makes you ponder about real life people who are going through or have experienced the same or similar unfair life of that of Joe: the main character. In a sense it makes the audience reflect on how soldiers involved in the Falkland war were not provided for in order to successfully integrate back into society after their service; furthermore on a whole how governments and states fail to give back to anyone who has risked their own lives for their country.

As soon as an animal companion is brought into the story, you know tears can easily well in your eyes.

What I enjoyed most about ‘The Apple Orchard’ was the scattered descriptions of the environment: even if they are brief I could still envision enough to be able to be emotionally affected by certain points toward the end of the piece.

If you are looking for a twenty to thirty minute read during a lunch break, short stories like these are suitable as long as you have a compatible device. The Kindle version of ‘The Apple Orchard’ includes a segment of Ms Henry’s book called ‘The Forever House‘ which I will most definitely delve into to decide whether I would like to purchase the full version.

I’m not entirely sure whether it’s acceptable for an unpublished, non-professional writer to rate an authors work, but sharing options can help people discover books which may have a positive impact on them. No matter how reluctant I am to rate this short story, out of five stars, I rate ‘The Apple Orchard’ 4/5.

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