[Reviews]: Kbeauty – Base Makeup.

Second to lip products Korean Foundation cushions and BB creams are my preferred cosmetics in terms of interest. Despite not wearing much makeup, I have tried and tested a fair few Korean base makeup products: mainly thanking to all the free samples Korean stores give upon most purchases.

For reference these products aren’t categorised into any specific order.

Etude House – Precious Mineral Any Cushion (Pink)There are several versions of the ‘any cushion’; most successful of all being the colour correctors. Available in mint, pink and lavender the compact aims to ‘irradiate’ the appearance of imperfections in place of a concealer. At the time of purchase my skin was in good condition, yet pale and dull looking. The pink any cushion served it’s purpose of brightening skin and also hid some minor discolouration. A little goes a long way, plus the formula is watery for providing hydration meaning the compact lasted for a fraction under a year. One factor which I must mention is that this is not the sort of cc cream you can wear on it’s own; even if distributed evenly too much of a white cast will remain and the pigments of the mint cc cream are prominent.

Rating: 7/10.

Innisfree – Long Wear Foundation Cushion (13 Light Beige)In the majority of cases, long wear base makeup has a matte or velvety finish. This foundation, contained in a cushion pact, has a semi-matte dewy appearance when settled on the skin. It’s very comfortable to wear and upholds smoothness as long as it is applied in patting motions with a sponge puff/blender. I found that if applied with a brush the foundation easily creases in fine lines. The sponge puffs that comes with Innisfree cushions are fairly good quality: not absorbing too much product past it’s surface layer. I used to wear this everyday at work through all seasons, and on average the foundation would look presentable for at least 9-10 hours.

Rating 8/10.

Etude House – Double Lasting Foundation (Fair)When released most shades were sold out across Korea. Not only were customers sold by the name ‘double lasting’, it provides enough cover for minor to moderate acne and redness. As it is a full coverage foundation you could expect there to be smearing and creasing issues; however through hours of wear the foundation turns from a shiny texture to matte, the downside being that is can cause skin to dry out during cold months. A foundation brush with a dip in the centre was issued particularly for this foundation: I’m not confident on whether this is a sales gimmick or aids application.

Rating 7/10.

Missha – Perfect Cover BB Cream (13 Bright Beige)Missha was once the leading korean cosmetic brand apparently being the first brand to produce BB creams for the public to use outside of clinics for cosmetic procedures. Almost all the reviews I read about this product considered it to be a staple piece and a good item to use when introducing yourself to makeup, I literally have no idea what allegedly is so fantastic about it. Firstly it’s way too thick to spread before it adheres to skin, the colour range is so limited that the shade spectrum doesn’t cater to diversity (even among Asian skintones) and when touched lightly it transfers too easily. After having a bad experience with the delivery service of the company I used through Amazon, I felt like I had unnecessarily anticipated it’s arrival.

Rating 4/10.

Clio – Kill Cover Pro Artist Concealer (002)Another product which was snatched up rapidly over the course of the first few weeks of it’s introduction. The ‘Kill Cover’ range in general is popular due to it’s full coverage without the matte finish. The Summer of 2017 heightened demand for dewy base makeup, so being able to provide multiple aspects within the product boosted Clio’s reputation. Liquid highlighters have since been added to the collection.

Rating 8/10.

Banilla co – it Radiance CC CreamDespite my dislike for ‘whitening’ products in Asia this has proved to be a useful half skincare, half makeup step. It literally feels like applying moisturiser and balances uneven skintone before further base makeup is used. The main issue – if you have skin that is darker than light-medium, this product isn’t suitable for you; I feel like this product in a sense ruins the standard of likeability for the brand.

Rating 6/10.

2 responses to “[Reviews]: Kbeauty – Base Makeup.”

  1. These products look really good! I’ve never heard of this brand before so I will check them out! xx

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    1. Out of all the brands I mentioned, I highly recommend Innisfree most of all. Their skincare is even better than their makeup products ☺

      Liked by 2 people

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