Affordable Skincare Tools.

Whether you can’t fork out for luxurious, high tech skincare gadgets or if you are simply looking for cheap alternatives which are still beneficial for your skin; today’s post is a gathering of handy skincare tools which aim to polish, buff, exfoliate and soften skin. Some products even have qualities for assisting the recovering for acne and spots; better yet all the products featured in this post cost a measly £5 or lower. Bargain! I have tried and tested each of the following skincare tools so I have categorised them into ascending order in accordance to my preferences.

Number 5: Silicone face brushI first came across this tool in an Avon catalogue. My Mum had ordered one as they cost as little as £2. Upon trying the Avon version I appreciated the practically of the product but decided the bristles were too flimsy to do anything other than foam the face cleanser I was using. Unintentionally I found a thicker silicone face brush of the same style in Superdrug, also for around the same price as the one by Avon. After using the tool for two to three weeks I discovered that the silicone brush gently exfoliates the surface of the skin, but isn’t suitable for those who are looking to remove minor clusters of blackheads.

Number 4: Blackhead/spot extraction stick A metal stick usually with a hoop at one end and a sharp point on the opposite side. Using a tool like this as a substitute to the general ‘fingernail’ (ewww) method. These tools have several benefits: it minimises the likeliness of scaring, is less painful, makes the process less time consuming and is more hygienic. For removing the ‘root’ of a pimple the hooped end should be used by simply pressing it against the spot with moderate force. If the body fluid doesn’t seep out after a few attempts, then the spot should be carefully pierced with the sharp end of the tool. Just remember to rinse the tool under running hot water after each use.

Number 3: Bubble making netThis isn’t a tool used directly on skin, but I have to include this in the list due to it’s ability to improve my skin’s condition. Directions are pretty much straightforward: dispense a tiny amount of your foam or gel cleanser onto the palm of one hand, then vigorously rub your hands together with the net placed in between. The net along with the sponges inside the net will form a generous amount of foam. By foaming a cleanser it enables you to thoroughly wash your skin past the surface layer.

Number 2: Soft bristle brushThese small brushes generally resemble those used to bubble shaving foam in professional barber shops. Each thin, individual hair of the brush can lift out blackheads without being overly abrasive: working best with a face cleanser/oil and when skin has been streamed with warm-hot water.

Number 1: Exfoliating pad and Konjac spongesI have two favourites that are on par with each other. An exfoliating pad is a smaller version of body scrubbing mittens/cloths that leave skin felling evenly smooth and polished. Depending on the material used to make the buffer, they can be a tad rough on skin especially in comparison to the silicone brush I mentioned; therefore it’s best to use them once every other day. With the introduction of a exfoliating pad you’ll definitely notice how base makeup lays more flawlessly with the addition of moisturisers absorbing more easily. Konjac sponges are made from Konjac: a root vegetable. The konjac itself along with other infused ingredients help prevent acne. As the sponges are made from natural sources e.g. Green tea with konjac, they are disposable after 2-3 months of use depending on how often one is used. You must ensure that water is squeezed out of the sponge after each use, and are hung in an airated place in order to prevent mould and bacteria production.

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